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Technician test in water damage restoration by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The water damage restoration technician is a designation that a professional conservator has to prove that it compiles with the most common standards in the restaurant industry. It has become increasingly important for a professional who performs water damage restoration services to have the designation "WRT". Most of the companies that hire you need them and the insurance companies that hire the companies that provide the services require their technicians to be certified.

Since I took my classes for the first time years ago, there is much more information. The course was a two-day course, but now it's a three-day course. There are also five-day courses that allow you to take the WRT / ASD (structural drying applied) together. The latest update to WRT was released in April 2006. It is approved by ANSI (Approved US National Standards).

Important things to know when testing:

Get your teacher's book before attending class (if possible). Read a few pages each day. Generally, the highlighted parts of the manual are extremely important to know and examine absolutely.

Make sure you understand psychrometry.

Test contains a total of one hundred and sixty multiple-choice questions.

The right answer is not always the only right answer, but rather the best answer.

Currently, answers must be completed on a Scantron sheet with a # 2 pencil.

There is no time limit to complete

You must get 75 percent to succeed.

It can take up to six weeks to get your results and they are sent to you directly by mail.

It is also available in Spanish if you ask

The certification you get is a personal certification and stays with you no matter who you work for.

Currently, the test costs $ 50.

Cash, personal check, business check and credit cards are accepted. Checks must be made at IICRC.

Although I can not answer the test questions, I can give you a good example of what you will see in the test. The answers to the questions below will also help you determine your test performance.

IRCRC Test Examples WDR:

(1) Study of the relationship between the volume of air and the amount of moisture that it contains at a specific temperature expressed as a percentage of the total moisture retention capacity of this air called:

A) Drying

B) Moisture

C) Psychrometry

D) Ambience

(2) Harmful microorganisms present in blood or other potentially infectious material that may cause disease or death in humans are known as:

A) Bacteria

B) Bloodborne Pathogen [19659002] (C) Malaise

(3) Any material that absorbs and retains moisture retains moisture or water vapor from the air:

A) Hepatotoxin

B) Mesophilic

C) Mycotoxin

D) hygroscopic

4) Delamination means:

A) Separation of primary and secondary damage ndaires

B) Separation of primary and secondary support

C) None of these responses

D) A and B

(5) The person of an insurance company who interprets a police and works with contractors involved in the restoration is known as? 19659002] A) Inspector

B) Agent

C) Adjuster

D) Risk Manager

(6) The potential routes of exposure for workers are as follows:

A) Inhalation, contact with mucous membranes, ingestion and dermal route

B) Physical, mental, combined and thermal

C) All of the above

D) None of the above

(7) What does it mean? Acronym HATT? [19659002] A) Hot test, alveolar, temperature

B) Hydrostatic, Absorption, Toxicity, Exposure limit value

C) Haitian cotton, Absorption, Textile, Temperature

D) Humidity, airflow, temperature, duration [19659002] This is not as easy as you think. If you have passed the front carpet cleaning technician test or the front furniture cleaning technician test, you should know that if you have a background in biology, you will need to study hard to be successful. requests from people wishing to know the answers to be tested for CCT. I was just thinking of adding a link to my site with the answers. Visit the Magic Wand Company website below and select the Article tab then WRT Test Answers .

The purpose of the test is to make sure that a technician learns as much as possible to do his job well. I would be happy to help you in your efforts to learn. Whether you need carpet cleaning products or catering supplies or not, you are welcome to contact me.


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