Retinol – Essential to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles


Retinol, the active form of vitamin A, is a yellow fat-soluble anti-oxidant vitamin that plays an important role in the growth of vision and bones. It belongs to the family of chemical compounds known as retinoids. Retinol is ingested in a precursor form; animal sources (milk and eggs) contain retinyl esters, while plants (carrots, spinach) contain pro-vitamin A carotenoids.

So what does retinol do for you?

Retinol helps to plump the skin. This is very effective when it comes to fighting fine lines on the eye area. Retinol also thickens the epidermis. Now, it's valuable for the eye area because the skin around the eyes is twice as thin as the skin of the face. As a result, it is very sensitive and has a lower ability to build collagen to smooth the skin. Retinol also helps to improve texture and blood circulation. As we already know, dark circles are mainly caused by your capillaries around the eye area. These capillaries sometimes break very easily, allowing blood to flow around the eye area, resulting in red, purple or blue rings under the eyes. These are actually your black circles. Therefore, use creams that also contain vitamin K because vitamin K helps to contract the capillaries.

Here, with retinol, it is helpful to circulate your blood around the eye area so that the blood is not easily pooled in the eyes. Beside, the skin in the eye area is the thinnest, so that they are easily damaged by the sun. Retinol helps rebuild damaged cells from harmful UV rays.

Here are some good sources of food rich in retinol:
Sweet potato
Turnip Greens
Spinach, raw
Sweet pepper red
Milk, fat-free
Romaine lettuce
Egg, large
Whole milk
Tomato, raw
Green Bell Pepper

In addition to eating a diet rich in retinol, you can also indulge in highly recommended eye creams / masks that are infused with retinol as part of your beauty regimen. You can find more of these creams in Recommended Retinol Eye Creams


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