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You made the decision to completely rearrange your house and you decided that you would like to be in a retro style, but how are you going to incorporate that into your home. First of all, it might help to understand what a retro style of design is.

What is Retro?

The post-war 1950s and the psychedelic 60s saw a move toward brighter, more daring colors likely as a negative reaction to the war-torn midlife's midlife. Basically, Retro interior design style can be described as taking a few of these past decades in the present in order to create a new interior design style that is both modern and fun. Since there is so much material to choose from, what you decide to include will certainly be your own interpretation of the past, so unique.

In each of the past three decades, different materials, shapes, colors, artifacts and gadgets have left a lasting impression on us all. These days, everything that comes from the 50s, 60s or even 70s is back in fashion. However, because there are so many different ways to incorporate a retro style into your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. There is not a standard look that can be described as retro and yet everyone is able to recognize it when they see it.

Where to Start

The first step would be to browse magazines and search the Internet, visit exhibition halls and exhibitions for colors, furniture, fixtures, and so on. which you like. Ask yourself what artifacts were used, how the furniture is arranged, what they are made of, look at the lighting and any effects it creates, take note of the colors, ornamental touches and n '# 39; do not forget wall and floor coverings. . From there, you can literally mix and match elements that appeal to your own tastes to produce a retro style that reflects your own identity with the past.

After the start of the war, new materials were produced that led to a radical change of style in the 1950s and 1960s, such as formica, plastic, fiberglass and plywood. People's mood was bright, and the future looked promising, just like the colors. For example:

* Turquoise

* Jade

* Mint Green

* Pink

* Yellow Sun

* Cherry Red

* Blue

* Black and White [19659002] ] Very polished chrome was very popular and used for furniture or for ornamental purposes. The furniture was often abstract with strange and wonderful shapes. Think of round or oval or bean-shaped coffee tables, or any other well-rolled boomerang item. Teak and pine were popular materials. The inflatable furniture was introduced with disposable materials like cardboard, so the furniture does not last for years; it was possible to change the look of your home as often as you felt the urge.

Who could forget the GPlan furniture that made a splash and revolutionized interiors? For the first time, people could create a coordinated look at their home over a period of time and mix and match pieces to create their own style.

Imagine black and white checkered linoleum shifted against chrome furniture and black vinyl upholstery. What about wet wallpaper and daring floral patterns? Or even red and black contrasting bold and bold color schemes.

Geometric patterns and shapes have always been popular and as the space age was indeed upon us in the 1950s and 1960s, wall hangings, shapes, pictures, lamps, ornaments or everything that reminded of the space was well and truly. For example, rockets, planets, satellites and spaceships were very fashionable and atomic wall clocks were a feature in the most fashionable homes.


Visit antiques stores or search on eBay to pick up vintage ornaments and items to complete the retro vintage look. There are no strict rules on what you should or should not include and that's what makes the retro style so exciting differently. Do not be afraid to be bold with your design ideas, as long as you feel good and you feel good then you can not really go wrong.


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