Ridiculous house repair costs


It's hard to imagine, but very few people listened to the advice of reference services entrepreneurs, the best business office or the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. It is extremely important to get at least two estimates, but it would be best to get at least three estimates, about home repairs that you will have made to your property.

Here is the advantage of obtaining at least three estimates. You now have three individual awards, to compare. If you had only one price, and nothing to compare, how would you know that you are getting a fair offer?

My mother-in-law sold her house and she had a house inspection company, made the home inspection required, so that she could sell her house, as required of the government. The home inspector also left him with an estimate for home repairs, which needed to be done.

I had only one word to say about this estimate, it was the most ridiculous home repair expense I 've ever seen, up to the end of the day. at this point in my life. I've seen a lot more sense and continue to be amazed at some of the prices that some of these home inspection companies charge for their services.

To replace an eight-foot 4×4 station, they were going to charge him $ 400. The repairman suggested that he could do it a lot cheaper if it did not go through their company. Eliminate the middle is what I call and keep all the money for you.

If you do not want to pay a ridiculous house repair fee, you'll have to spend some time and get some estimates. There is no way around the problem, take out the phone book and start calling local contractors.


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