Rustic design elements for your wooden entry door


If you've thought about treating your home with new wooden entry doors, you've probably already thought about the major details.

The shape of your doors, the color and type of wood

However, once you have a general idea of ​​the appearance of your new wooden entry doors, you can start to think about the small details and design elements that will make them truly yours. 19659002] Depending on the style of the exterior of your home, rustic and vintage design elements can make wonderful additions.

These ornaments usually provide elements of iron or steel that contrast and complement the already attractive natural wood finish. They also bring a real, tactile taste of the past to your 21st century home.

From gothic to agritourism and from the Victorian era to prohibition, the rustic or vintage elements that you can install are only limited by your imagination. Vintage Door Knobs and Handles

Unless you are happy that someone enters your home when you see fit, your wooden entry doors will need of handles.

However, the style belongs to you. Modern Victorian or vintage door handles are available, and offer the security of advanced locking mechanisms with the classic look of the period.

Made of solid metal, they will enhance the appearance of your solid wood entry doors without compromising the safety they give.

For those wishing to make an actual statement, matching door knockers are also available. Although it may be more of an ornamental item than your handles, their useless nature simply adds to the decorative effect.

Underground bar, hard as nails

Because wood has long been the best material doors, it is on the wooden front doors that many of the vintage design elements the more iconic work best.

The mere mention of the word "speakeasy" evokes images of a time past and the inclusion of metal speakeasies on the wooden front. the doors give life to these images.

A wrought iron fence hidden behind a small flap, the speakeasies are rarely needed in the modern era. However, as a vintage design element, they bring a taste of the past that few other ornamental additions can.

Clavos are another addition of purely decorative rustic metal to your exterior doors. Robust nails, made from iron or steel, clavos can be round, square or diamond-shaped. Whatever style you choose, the effect will be of a rustic and rustic door with more character than most.

Gothic Glass and Vintage Metal

If you decide to add windows to your wooden entrance doors, the vintage metal can still be used for a rustic look or even Gothic.

Leaded glass windows can be made in almost any design to suit any exterior or personal taste, and the windows themselves can be small and subtle. Door.

The black wood entry doors have an inherent vintage look, and it's the smallest details that can direct it to the Victorian or Gothic. The colors and shapes in the glass play a role in that; especially when it is combined with metal door handles and knockers.

However, if you decide to add rustic or vintage style elements to your wooden front doors, you should still find the right balance

to have a greater impact than using one alone, but incorporating too much will be exaggerated.

Which one to choose is yours, but choosing the right ones will give your wooden doors a rustic, Victorian, Gothic or vintage style touch that is simply timeless.


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