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Luxurious rustic decor is a look that is here, there and everywhere. To describe this look would be where chic town and rustic barn style overlaps in a cool fashion. Rustic woods, earthenware, antiques, discolored fabrics and soft cotton jets meet in rustic luxury. Together, they create interiors that bring together the best of both worlds.

Distressed wood furniture is a style that speaks to several styles of interior decoration But it must have to look rustic luxury. These beautiful barn doors are made from recovered wood from old Indian Havelis or buildings. An old door table immediately becomes the declaration piece when added to a room.

Metallics create the modern dimension of this look by putting luxury in fashion. Mirrors embedded in old jharokha windows or through accessories such as hued metal fabrics and bright candle holders. A traditionally silver-colored armchair, the Queen Of Hearts adds a touch of classic luxury to the room. This classic is distinguished from the most worn parts and the metallic female accessories. The kitchen uses the rustic antique manjoosh, an Indian chest on wheels with elephants and peacock sculptures as an island combined with crystal glasses creates a luxurious, handy but eclectic decor


The furniture styles of Luxury with the raised doors of the glazed edges in white distressed finish with a harnessed ceiling of beams and warm cedar planks creates a huge statement.

The pantry of the kitchen is wrapped in the rustic fireplace. Colored granite countertop panels and back splashing with and rustic bar stools pick up the story started by a professional range and an integrated refrigerator with custom doors from the old distressed woods. Panels and a sliding barn door does the trick, working well with mirrored tiles, and cabinet hardware that is porcelain hand painted knobs.Straight clean lines and the warmth of antique woods close the door, Space between traditional and rustic.

Creating a kaleidoscope of ideas, blending unusual tribal earthy colors, slipping away from the norm, while keeping it chic and sophisticated, rustic luxury is the norm of the tribe.

Rustic Luxe is a trend of lifestyle that allows customers to distinguish themselves by its elegance and elegance. The freedom to put favorite items together so that the individual style of a person shines. Create luxurious rustic interiors with old hand-carved old doors, tell the stories of the past, consoles and dining tables in distressed finishes and cabinets with tribal paint, a design trend that is timeless and as beautiful That you!


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