Santa Costume Costumes – 9 accessories to help make Santa's perfect outfit


Santa's disguised costumes are probably the most popular outfit during the holiday season. In the Christmas run, it seems like you can not go anywhere without seeing a Santa outfit or two, be it as part of a promotion in department stores, or someone else's. 39, a rattling charity box on the street. 19659002] Of course, Santa's disguises are also popular at Christmas parties, at the Christmas office, and even at large family reunions. Whatever the occasion, you are now able to get a nice Santa Claus outfit on specialized websites. However, if you want your Santa costume to be truly authentic, then you should think about buying cool accessories.

Below, we have nine different accessories to make your Santa outfit more cheerful. Christmas.


Your choice of headgear will depend largely on the cost of your Santa outfit and your overall budget. If you are looking for cheaper Santa's disguises, then a red velvet santa hat and fur trim is probably more than enough to complete your outfit. However, if you are really pushing the boat and you are buying a luxury Santa costume, then you might want to buy a luxury Santa wig

Santa Beard

you choose will depend on the budget. A simple, no-frills boon Santa's beard will go well with your Santa hat, but if you're paying for a wig, then a luxurious Santa's beard made of special synthetic bristles for a very real look is probably a better match. [19659002] Deluxe Santa Eyebrow

Made from 100% teviron and built on the net foundation, a pair of luxurious Santa eyebrows are a great touch and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Rectangular Shows

Perfect for reading the current lists, as well as those on the list of "naughty children", a pair of rectangular Santa luxury glasses, with clear glasses, is another convincing touch for your outfit. 19659002] Belly Stuffer

Whatever type of Santa outfit you plan to obtain, a belly stuffer is an indispensable accessory to create this desired round belly.

White Ribbed Gloves

A pair of stretchy white nylon Ribbed gloves can be an accessory that is sometimes overlooked, but they will make a huge difference to your costume.

Santa Hand Bell

Another great accessory that we often forget. These bronze-colored metal bells with black wooden handles are a good accompaniment to any Santa costume

Santa Sack

Where would Santa Claus be without his bag of gifts? A red velvet Santa bag for storing Christmas treats is a must and is of course the favorite accessory of children.

Santa Claus Boots

As with most disguises in the overall look of your outfit. A pair of luxurious black Santa Claus boots with white fur really makes the difference and are not as expensive as you might think.


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