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Parents of our family live in a large, old-style house with dark wood paneling, a large hall, a carved staircase railing and a large stone fireplace. It's a bit dark inside for my taste, but when it's decorated for Christmas every year, it becomes kind of a magical place. They have a large and very decorated Christmas tree in the lobby, and lots of extra twinkling lights around the stairs and along the rails and old picture panels. With the fire lit and the main lights dimmed, there is a scene drawn from one of these traditional Victorian Christmas cards.

Their home became a focal point for Christmas celebrations for their family and close friends. Early on Christmas morning, it became a tradition that several families gather there and stack their Christmas presents under the tree to make an impressive colorful pile. We are all staying for a Christmas morning brunch around the fire before thoughts turn to the preparations for Christmas dinner. The highlight of the morning, of course, is the opening of the gifts.

A few years ago, one of the grandparents was persuaded to disguise himself as Santa distributing Christmas presents under the tree. He chose a traditional red Santa Claus outfit with white trim, a large white beard, a wide black belt and black boots. It was bought ready for use, and was of excellent quality for a very affordable price. He also has a little bell to call everyone to attention. He looked like a jolly Santa Claus, even without a Santa suit, and brilliantly took the role to the delight of all the children. Having Santa himself distribute the Christmas presents added immensely to the pleasure of being seen on the faces of children. A very realistic Santa drew attention to the fact that Christmas Eve was a very special annual event that everyone was looking forward to.

The idea of ​​the Christmas costume was such that everyone wears a Christmas hat. some types, mainly Santa hats in various styles, elf hats with big ears or reindeer antlers. There have been some variations from these traditional themes, such as the occasional Grinch of Dr Seuss' books and the movie, or Jack Skellington's film Nightmare Before Christmas. Even the family pet has his Santa dog hat.

Last year, one of the young mothers who helps Santa to sort out the presents came in a very attractive sexy Christmas costume in red and white. There has been a lot of speculation among men to know if this new fashion will inspire other moms to join this year.

The grandfather loved being a Santa Claus that he also wore his Santa costume to help with a visiting children's hospital and other community Christmas activities scheduled before Christmas.


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