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When they seek to pursue a career in architecture, students can begin to gain the recognized education they need by enrolling in an architecture school or college. Training in this area will allow students to obtain the degree they want and specialize in certain areas of the field. Receiving an accredited education in architecture will open up many opportunities for those wishing to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career. Students have several options for studying and can begin the process by learning more about acquiring an architectural education.


Obtaining an architectural education will enable students to prepare for the career that they desire by providing many levels of training. Studies can be completed at the bachelor's or master's level. The training will last four years for a bachelor's degree, six years for a master's degree and will include various study topics. Coursework can consist of computer-aided design (CAD), lighting, design drawing, illumination, history of architecture and much more. Training in this area will open up many career opportunities, including working for:

  • design firms
  • engineering firms
  • commercial builders

… and more. Students can begin the process by enrolling in an accredited institution.

Writing and Architecture

Registration in an accredited school or college will allow students to acquire a background in design and architecture. Opportunities in this area are available at the associate, bachelor and master levels. Training may require two years for an associate degree, four years for a bachelor's degree, and six years of accredited studies for a master's degree, and will include the study of various subjects. Training may include technical writing, estimating, computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and many other relevant topics. Receiving training in these areas will help the student to seek employment from:

  • architectural and design firms
  • private companies

… and more. Students who enroll in an architectural education program can prepare for a prosperous future.

Landscape Architecture

When they want to get recognized training in landscape architecture, students can complete their program. Training is available at the bachelor's and master's level, which can take between four and six years. Courses may vary, but may include studies for surveying, landscaping, vegetation, landscape ecology and much more. The training will prepare students to work with:

  • companies
  • design firms
  • people

… and much more. Students can start training today to begin an exciting new career in landscape architecture.

Accredited schools and colleges of architecture can offer students the best quality education possible. Many accreditation agencies such as the Accreditation Council for Engineering and Technology ( ) are approved to provide full accreditation teacher training programs that meet certain criteria and requirements. Students can learn more by searching for programs and asking for more information to find the one that suits them best. Start the journey to an exciting and successful career by enrolling in a program and obtaining an accredited degree.

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