Secondary Double Glazing – Is it good?


Despite the global recession, average spending on renovation tools has not declined. Analysts have explained that it was more practical to make improvements than to buy brand new replacements

. If you can not afford new double glazed windows, you might be interested in a less expensive alternative called secondary double glazing. The technique is quite simple. By adding another window to your existing window, you can improve the insulating capacity of your home.


Several factors can influence the overall efficiency of secondary double glazing renovations.

existing windows must be in excellent working condition. They should be integrated into the existing framework and should be free of cracks and holes. It does not make any sense to proceed with the installation if your windows are close to collapsing.

Second, window frames must not be deformed and must be strong enough to support the glass. Do not expect to get good results with a rotten, deformed or broken frame. Do not forget that for best results, outside air and moisture should not penetrate the interior windows.

Finally, the optimum distance between the existing glass and the additional glass must be respected. Depending on the type and thickness of glass you use, the air gap can vary from 16 to 19 millimeters

The air gap is what makes regular double glazed windows an insulator as effective. In secondary double glazing, windows are often spaced further apart, which affects the ability of air trapped to regulate heat transfer.

Practical Considerations

Is Secondary Glazing Good? The answer is definitely a yes, but it probably will not work as well as ordinary double-glazed windows.

For practical considerations, secondary glazing remains a viable option for tight budget homeowners and homeowners whose properties are subject to

It costs much less to pay money for a home. glass rather than for the whole. You can choose to install sliding glass panels or "if you are on a much tighter budget" add the removable glass to the fixed style windows.

In addition, as a rule, you are not allowed to make irreversible changes to the listed properties. The most you can do is to get permission for secondary glazing. In this way, you can keep the original windows and enjoy many benefits of regular double glazing.


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