Sell Christmas trees as a fundraiser


Christmas trees have been sold successfully to raise funds for various organizations for many years. Christmas trees make an excellent fundraising product because many people go away from food fundraisers, Christmas trees offer a good profit margin, and they are relatively easy to market because a lot of people plan to buy them. They are also environmentally friendly because they are grown on large farms and each year the harvested trees are reseeded to begin another growth cycle.

There are two ways to use Christmas trees as fundraisers. the other is to pre-sell the trees with the help of a brochure, as you would for many other products, such as Christmas wreaths or cookie dough. A traditional lot can be a great way to maximize your profits. Many organizations claim to use a lot of trees to fund all their year-round activities and boast of revenues in the tens of thousands, depending on the size of the operation they're doing. perform each year. A church, school or group does a great Christmas tree fundraising organization, because they have a lot of natural benefits. Usually, there are facilities available that would create a large lot and there are naturally many members who are active in the organization and who would be willing to help in any way or any way. other. There are many things to consider before choosing a Christmas package, such as responsibilities, expenses, advertising methods, staffing and security. Another idea that has been taken in recent years is that of pre-selling Christmas trees using a brochure, or some kind of visual aid.

How the pre-sale works, that people go out and promote take orders and collect payment on a predetermined day. That day, the order is placed and the money is sent to the arborist who has agreed that the sender delivers the trees a certain day, so that the trees can be distributed in a timely manner to the holiday season. Once the trees arrive at the destination, the fundraisers help unload the truck, then they deliver the trees, or their customers pick them up themselves. The advantages of this method are that there is no financial risk to having unsold trees, there are no working hours for the lot of trees and there are the trees are usually shipped immediately after the cut, so the quality is amazing. at freezing temperatures, or hot heat on a lot). Trees can be delivered at about the same time that large discount chains are spreading their trees, but producers are shipping their premium trees to fundraisers because they have been prepaid, and discount chains do not pay for their trees until the store computer determines that they were registered at a cash register, sometimes at lower prices because of the poor quality, which means less profit for the arboriculturist.

would work better for your organization, and many groups have successfully used Christmas trees as a great way to bring the community together and raise the much-needed funds.


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