Seven Proven Tips to Stretch Your Beauty Dollar


With the economic climate of today, many of us are watching our dollars more closely than ever before. However, we always want to take care of our skin, our appearance and have a positive vision of our appearance and well-being. Here are seven proven tips for stretching your beauty budget even further. As a bonus, I included an article "splurge" with each tip. If you have it in your budget to splurge, these are the items that you can spend a little more to enjoy the extra benefits!

1. Drink water. Many doctors and dermatologists will tell you that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin. It improves the clarity and texture of your skin and can even help you reduce cellulite. Cut out expensive sodas and expensive slats and stick to the good old H2O. You will not only see the impact on your skin and overall wellbeing, but you will see more money in your wallet!

Splurge Object : Borba has wonderful products that can really affect your skin. They have "Balance Waters" and "Crystalline" packs that you can add to your bottle of water. These products can help you improve the clarity, firmness and anti-aging effects of your skin.

2. Wear sunglasses . While it sounds very basic, or a tip for maintaining eye health, wearing sunglasses, even when it is covered, can help mitigate the damage that wrinkles and frownings can do around your eyes. eyes and your eyebrows. Women and men spend a lot on botox and other products to relax these lines or use products that claim to "fill in" fine lines. All this time and energy could have been spent on a pair of sunglasses that over time will help minimize the lines.

Splurge object : Invest in 100% UV protection. Many cheaper sunglasses can be fun and fashionable and help you see a little better in the sun, but the best protection usually comes with top quality sunglasses.

3. Wash your skin . Yes, the advice of mom to wash her face is one of the best tips! Washing your skin helps remove makeup, "yuk" from the environment and helps keep your pores clear. Unfortunately, too many people think that they have to buy expensive cleaning mousses and gels because they clean more carefully, or are softer, or they read about it in the latest magazine. In fact, there are fantastic face gels and gels that you can buy in any pharmacy that will do exactly the same job.

Splurge Object: Buy a cream or a gel of high quality exfoliation. Exfoliation is a great way to improve the clarity and texture of your skin. I recommend Dr. Brandt "Dermabrasion in a jar".

4. Wear sunscreen . This one can not be stressed enough. This not only helps you avoid serious problems with skin cancer, but sunscreen works to reduce the damage the sun does to your skin. Many of us have fine lines, brown spots and other skin damage that could have been minimized, and certainly delayed by the use of a sunscreen religiously.

Splurge Item: Purchase a dermatological quality sunscreen or created specifically for the face. Many sunscreens can be a bit on the heavy / greasy side, and this can take its own toll on your skin. I recommend Murad's "Sunblock SPF 30 without oil" for a wonderful sunscreen that is not greasy at all and can easily be worn under makeup every day.

5. Buy multi-tasking products. There are many wonderful products that do more work for your beauty routine. There are eye creams that have a slight shade of concealment. There are moisturizing creams that have a nice hue, so you can skip the foundation for the day cover. I like the hue products that can be used as blush and lip color. Multitasking and save not only money, but time on your beauty routine.

Splurge Object: Benefit "You Rebel". This is a moisturizer, tint and sunscreen (SPF 15) all in one!

6. Stick with what you know . I am the ideal beauty counter customer. I see new colors or a new line of products, I'm sitting for a makeover, I buy everything they put me. Then I get everything at home, forget to use some of it, realize that I already have that eye color or that blush. Just say no to the sale! Stick with what you know, avoid the temptation and focus only on what you need and what you know works for you. Experiencing is fun, but it can come with a hefty price tag!

Splurge Item: Buy one of the multi-product kits and colors you see at Sephora, or another beauty counter. Typically, the kits are at promotional prices, and you can get a variety of colors for the lips, cheeks and eyes that are in smaller amounts, almost "test" and still a lot of fun with new colors , new looks.

7. Embrace your unique beauty . This tip is the best of all! We all have a unique beauty that is truly ours, and it's so important to remember and enjoy it. We are spending huge sums of money to cover the freckles, that little red spot, that little scar. We get lost in this flaw, and forget that we are the stupendous sum of many beautiful parts.

Splurge Article: Teeth whitening strips or treatment in your dentist's office. A beautiful smile is sexy, beautiful, welcoming and a lasting impact on everyone you know and love. Get the most out of your smile with white, healthy teeth!


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