Sexiest Pubic Hairstyles – List of What’s Hot in Pubic Hair Designs & Pubic Hair Patterns


A woman who does not want to shave the vagina wants to have the sexiest pubic hairstyle, that is, if all the pubic hair does not come off. It's funny and hard to understand why women pay a fortune and sometimes tolerate a pain as excruciating as hiding their artwork. Agree, if that is for your partner then understandable. How to find the sexiest pubic hairstyle can be difficult because what I can see as sexy as you can not. The only way we can choose an erotic pubic hair design or a pubic hair model considered the sexiest is to list the available options and you take it from there.

If this is an impulsive decision to shave the pubis, you must consider the disadvantages, if any, to the particular process you have chosen. Maybe your boyfriend might be unhappy with your choice so be sure to ask him. You should also think about how you will feel after the sexiest pubic hairstyle has been created. Some women regret doing something like this, but not the end of the world because it's a problem that corrects itself over time when pubic hair grows back. Personally, I do not see the point of spending a lot of money to have a pubic hair design that, in a few days, will surely seem a complete mess when hair growth (thatch) will reappear. All in all, I know that I am busy with my own business and that I devote myself to it.

The most common choices for pubic hair are the landing pad, the heart shape and the triangle. Of course, if you have your own design in mind, then word with the person designated for the job and see if they can accommodate you with your request. Nowadays, nothing is really seen as too much trouble; however have a plan B just in case.

Fewer major styles of shaved pubic hair like lightning, diamond shape are becoming more popular. In the name of fashion, women will make great efforts to follow trends. To be fashionable in today 's society, you must invest in more than a high – end market designer or celebrity props. In some cases of girls, it is to follow their idols like Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow a couple of celebrities who, I believe, harbor creatures, but you have to do this for yourself and no one else . These celebrities have money to fix things if a pubic hairstyle goes bad.

There was a time when women had a fetish for shoes, handbags and cosmetics, but now we are looking at the fetish below. .) The history of pubic hairstyles occurred in 1617 when prostitutes wore pubic wigs to cover the signs of lice and venereal diseases. How much truth in this I'm not sure. In the 70s, the British magazine Penthouse exposes pubic hair for the first time in a pornographic magazine "even if it is an issue of invisibility". Hugh Hefner refused to show pubic hair in his Playboy magazine, while his rival publication, Penthouse, exposed him to all. We are not sure that we, British, have a pat on the back for that or what. In the mid-seventies, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro gave birth to the phenomenon of fashion, the string bikini. Nowadays, it is not new, with the "thong" that would be the best-selling underwear garment. But it is there that the decay is apparently installed with the Brazilian bikini bouncing off the stage, thus drawing our attention to pubic hair. The style of pubes hair is really born from this day and judging by the statistics, it is here to stay and for a very long time.

Now back to find you the sexiest pubic hairstyle.

Popular pubic hairstyles for all tastes

The spire is a Brazilian band, with an arrowhead on the bottom

The Bottom Bikini / Bikini line – Just a row where the hair stays giving the l. effect of a bikini shape at the bottom seen from the front.

The Brazilian – The most famous and popular pubic hair style of all – removing everything but a very thin band of pubic hair in the center.

The Cardshark – The hair is shorn to leave a card design to play. Hot Favorite is Hearts then diamonds and spades but clubs are rarely sported. And apparently it's not the thing made to centralize the design, it's normally seen from the side.

The Charlie Chaplin is a horizontal band like a mustache Chaplin – also called Hitler or Adolf.

French consists of removing a band of hair from both sides – less dramatic than a Brazilian.

The Brynner of Hollywood / Lolita / Kojak / Yuk needs to spell it – Everything is shaved or shaved.

The Isoscelesis is a triangular version of the French

Landing strip usually called "track" in military circles. Wider than a Brazilian, narrower than a Frenchman.

The Princess Cut – A vertical oval shape like an American football or rugby ball deigned in the pubes.

There are a multitude of choices in pubic hair design, but what you see as the sexiest pubic hairstyle can not be listed here. You need to browse specific magazines or visit a beauty salon or even better go online to get information on the sexiest pubic hairstyles.


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