Sexual Foreplay – Targeting Women's "Other" Body Parts


Every man is aware of the importance of preliminaries, even if he does not always grant to the erogenous zones of the woman the attention that they deserve before diving into a vigorous cycle of mating. But despite the fact that foreplay can affect the ultimate pleasure of a woman 's sexual experience, too many men are too narrow in their focus of what constitutes women' s erogenous zones. Just as proper care and attention for the sex penis go beyond stimulating the male organ, female sexual preparation needs to extend beyond a few quick breast squeezes and some superficial blows of the sweet spot.

It is undeniable that breasts and crotches are very sensitive to tactile sensations and that this sensitivity can have a direct impact on female arousal. But a person must be appreciated as a whole, not as a set of isolated parts, each of which is considered a push button to obtain a specific desired response. Extending one's interest in a woman beyond erotically inclined body parts creates a more fulfilling and fulfilling sexual experience for both participants.

Other Erogenous Zones

The lover who really wants to know and provide ultimate pleasure to a woman must have a sexual gourmet who delights in sampling from all parties of the body that can amplify a woman. # 39; s sensual reactions. What are some of these parts?

1) The ears. A woman does not just want to hear sweet words; she wants her ears to feel the soft caresses of a man's fingers or the soft touch of her lips. Focusing attention on the ears in a loving and caring way can be very sexy. Note: Whatever he may have heard, blowing in his ear or stinging with his tongue is almost never an excuse and is more likely to have the same effect. opposite effect.

2) The neck. Kissing a woman from behind places a man in a position to plant sensual kisses all the way down the neck; combined with the heat of the empire, this can create erotic stimulation. Face to face, gently rubbing circular motions, the part of the neck that meets the jaw close to the ear produces an intimate and charming sensation.

3) The hands. Hands are an excellent source of pleasure – and neglected. The nerves in the fingers are particularly sensitive, so that a man's fingers intertwined with or jogging against a woman creates a neural symphony that is quite exquisite. The gentlemen should also pay attention to the palm of the hand; while not as sensitive as the fingers, they remain quite receptive to soft brushstrokes and blows, and many women have been pleasantly surprised by the sensations deriving from a very embracing mouth. and nibbling his palm.

4) The inside of the elbow. For many women, it is a severe erogenous zone. Rather than focusing hands on this area, the man should try to bury his cheek – without stubble, of course – in it and then go on to cover it with grateful kisses.

5) Feet. Playing footsie can be very fun. The man should rub his feet, go down and all around the lady. He may also want to spend quality time in the area. The purchase of an aromatic foot lotion and high quality and taking the time to carefully massage the feet are one way to demonstrate his intense desire to provide pleasure on all fronts.

These are strictly the only possible sensitive places; There is also the back, the buttocks, the hair, the knees, etc. Every woman is different, so exploring every part of a new partner is a good way to learn what works especially for her.

And the turnaround is fair play. A female partner may want to incorporate erotic foreplay on her own, while improving the health of the penis of the man. She should be encouraged to rub a real first class penis cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) all over the body of her man. The most sensual creams will include a high-end emollient with an incredible moisturizing capacity, such as shea butter. Choosing a solution that also includes acetyl-L-carnitine, which improves the sensitivity of the penis, can increase the penis's reactivity and allow it to feel a new level of sensation.


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