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Sparkling Christmas costumes can be a good way to get rid of gifts, traffic jams and bad check balances.

Christmas preparation can be a hectic time with all feasts, family reunions, school, spiritual and community activities. The fast and furious activities of the few weeks of vacation are filled with stress, anxiety and overwhelming tasks. But, through all of this, couples need to maintain communication and involve intimacy, perhaps more than any other time of the year.

Many couples book Christmas Eve for their own private time. Attracting a holiday spirit can be as simple as adding a role play to your personal time. The stockings that are hung with care, can be filled with erotic clothes and gifts of stimulation from a naughty Santa Claus. Many couples give their partners colorful fun stockings filled with gifts from a nasty elf on Christmas Eve.

Before digging down to see what Santa Claus has left you, take a shower, shave, powder and scent! Put something other than loose sweatshirts and worn slippers. Dress the room, 4-inch stilettos and a thong could soften the look! Put on mood and erotic music, light candles and pour wine. Get the kids tucked in their beds, it's your time to visit with Santa Claus!

Start the holy tease with an entrance that will catch her attention. Keep the emphasis on & # 39; tease & # 39; and do anything that puts you in the mood, no matter how naughty. Sitting just like that, crossing your legs, and leaning over to pick up a piece of lint, just a little skin to make a lightning.

Some men fantasize about costumed lovers. For example, a French housekeeper can offer Santa opportunities to indulge in his eyes and thoughts while watching her prepare dinner, decorate the tree or bend down to grab something on the floor. The display of smooth skin and sexy curves can open negotiations for many special holiday bonuses.

Some men prefer women in authority. For those seasoned friars, the military, doctors, school teachers, police or executive type suits could grab their attention. How best to surprise your Santa by taking control of the events of the evening? Take him under your care with handcuffs, headbands or erotic toys. Probe, search and lavish his body with kisses, and watch as he squirms with a 21-gun salute drawn!

Was Santa Claus an ugly boy this year? Put small clues in his bottom that indicate that Santa has responded better to your wishes or that he is suffering consequences. Small items like a necklace and a leash and a headband should give him the message. Especially, if you wear lace and leather lingerie while wearing a leather whip! Leather has a mysterious way of putting things in the air for a night of domination.

The holiday role play can be a great stress reliever by providing an escape from the movement and bustle of a busy and demanding season. Add a relaxing dinner and some red wine to the scenario, and let Christmas Eve take you wherever you want to go. After all, the Christmas spirit is giving, is not it? But a little stocking filled with fun gifts could be more about receiving!


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