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There are days in the life of a woman where her clothes seem a bit too tight and the top of the muffins suddenly shouts to attention. I usually earn about five pounds before receiving a visit from Mother Nature. It seems that over the years, my weight keeps fluctuating by about ten pounds. This constant change of weight would take me to a pile of clothes because nothing seems to fit just like two days ago. To spare me that moment that seems to rob my self esteem, I realized that there are certain styles of clothes that seem to stretch with you while your body continues to lean over. the balance.

Shirt Dress
These dresses are perfect for a gear lever. Usually, they do not tighten the body and leave room. I have one with a hem just above the knees that I tighten with a belt and that I wear with boots. The darker the color, the easier it will be to forgive. This does not mean that you can not play with lighter colors, just make sure that the material is thick enough to not reveal bumps and dimples. If you tend to be heavier, try to tighten your waist with a thick belt, this will create the illusion of a smaller shape.

When you can not seem to put on this muffin top in jeans, put on leggings. I have at least a dozen leggings, they save me when my pants seem too tight. I wear them with long shirts, dresses and sweaters. Wear leggings with a cool t-shirt that does not stick to the belly, belt and short boots and you're stylish. This is also a good fashion tip if you like to wear short dresses, but do not feel safe about your stems. There are also some great "jeggings" out there now. These are leggings that look like jeans. Many come with pockets and details like a pair of jeans would be without the crotch of limitation.

The underwear on the right can help you suck the belly, pull on the buttocks and smooth the dimples. Do not think that shapewear is only designed for your grandmother. It can do wonders for your body and give you a break from constantly sucking it. Some shapewear creates an illusion of a smaller size. There are a lot of guys out there. Play and see what works best for you, I promise you that extra security will result in a more confident spacer. There is a reason why Hollywood starlets of the past have always been as beautiful as in all shapes and sizes. They were honest about their bodies and chose the right underwear to suck, pull, tighten and smooth them.


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