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Second Street on Oxford Street in London, Princes Street in Edinburgh is undoubtedly the most famous shopping street in the United Kingdom. Indeed, Edinburgh is one of the few cities in the world where the name of the street is closely associated with shopping rather than a clandestine business and "all-in-one". mall. Edinburgh has some shopping malls and retail parks, but most of the best shopping is in the streets of the city.

Built towards the end of the Georgian period, Princes Street is one of three parallel streets arranged in a grid. The three streets are oriented from west to east overlooking Edinburgh Castle. The other two streets are George Street and Queen Street. At the west end of these three main streets is access to Charlotte Square and East St. Andrew's Square. It is in St Andrew Square that Harvey Nicholls' branch is located in Edinburgh. Not only can you visit one of the UK's most exclusive shops, but, if you wish, you can taste the "Taste of Scotland". in the restaurant of the shops. With a menu designed by Stuart Muir the £ 80 a head price tag is only in line with the price tags on clothing and gifts, but then it's an exclusive store. Nearby is Multrees Drive, a bridge that connects St Andrew Square to the bus station and the St James Shopping Center. If you do not find this label or exclusive outfit, look for Harvey Nicholls, then take a moment to walk around Multrees Walk. Not only is it a Louis Vuitton store at the corner of the Square, but you can get your hair done at Vidal Sassoon or if that's not enough for you, there's Emporio Armani, Catamini for the youngest and many more stores designer labels to choose from.

For decades the most famous shop, or rather the department store, in Edinburgh was Jenners. With entrances off Princes Street and St Andrew Square, it is located in one of prime locations in Edinburgh. Now part of the Fraser House & # 39; Chain It retains its popularity among visitors and the loyalty of Edinburgh residents, remaining one of the places to visit in town. The undisputed & # 39; Harrods & # 39; from the north, it occupies the building since 1838 and has more than 100 departments spread over its five floors. Plus, the store boasts a royal guarantee since 1911. There is another store in the Fraser House at the west end of Princes Street. Walking on Princes Street between St Charlotte Street and St Andrew Street is, in my opinion, one of the best shopping experiences imaginable. You not only have a fabulous selection of shops; Apart from department stores, there are others like Zara, Gap and H & M; but on the south side of the road you have a view of Edinburgh Castle and the open spaces of Princes Street Gardens and the Scott Monument – shopping can be a really nice affair. If you prefer to walk along George Street and, to a lesser extent, Queen Street and connecting roads, you will find many other stores, including jewelry and diamond shops.

Edinburgh is not without shopping centers. Probably the most important is the St James Mall, at the east end of downtown, overlooked by Calton Hill. The biggest store here is the John Lewis department store. One of only three John Lewis in Scotland was opened at the same time as the mall in 1973. The mall also has branches of Boots, Next and River Island – among many others. The Princes Mall is a small commercial center between Waverley Station and Princes Street; As such, it has small branches likely to attract travelers who pass through the station like Tie-Rack and Body Shop. The Gyle Mall is located just off the A8 highway just inside the city limit on its west approach. Although it is very outside the city it offers people living in the western part of the city the opportunity to access some of High Street's brand names without having to surrender in the city. The stores here include the likes of: Boots, Body Shop, Monsoon, Next and Virgin etc.

The markets in Edinburgh these days tend to be rather formal corporate events rather than providing a ## EQU1 ## 39; approach to retail. Every Saturday between 9am and 2pm, there is an outdoor market of 70 stands on the castle terrace, below Edinburgh Castle. The second and last Thursday of every month on Castle Street, off Princes Street, is the Eating Place Market – which celebrates all that is best in local food production. In addition, at different times of the year, there are tourist markets in various parts of the city. These markets include a Christmas market in Princes Street Gardens and a German market during the Hogmanay period.

Retail parks for Edinburgh include the; Meadowbank, Fort Kinnaird and Straiton Park – which has an Ikea store. However, it is the Ocean Terminal of Leith Docks, north of the city, which is the most prestigious. 75 shops, restaurants, hotels and a 12-screen cinema make it one of the most exciting selling points in the country. BHS, Top Shop and Debenham are examples of stores and opportunities that you will find in this shopping complex.


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