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France offers wonderful shopping opportunities for Christmas presents. Christmas markets in France have become popular with many buyers in the UK because they offer a wide range of unusual Christmas gift ideas and they are very fun to attend as well.

Even the most jaded Christmas client would find it hard to resist the festive spirit when shopping at a Christmas market in France. On the French Christmas markets, you will often find many stalls selling delicious cakes, pastries, chocolates, sweets, cheeses, pates, meats and other products, traditional Christmas decorations, crafts and gifts of Christmas. Christmas markets in France also offer many other activities, including carnivals, concerts and entertainment.

With Christmas music playing in the background, the twinkling Christmas lights, the delicious aroma of roasted chestnuts filling the air and the welcome offer of the mulled wine glass to get protect from the cold, the Christmas markets in France magical Christmas atmosphere of their own.

Most Christmas markets in France are annual events starting in late November with a small number of openings in early December. As Christmas markets and events in France can vary from one city to another, check with the French tourist office for more details.

Below you will find a selection of Christmas markets in the North of France, which, as they are close to the UK, will allow you to make Christmas or Christmas shopping.

Lille Christmas Market

Held in the center of Place Rihour, the Lille Christmas Market is a colorful Christmas scene full of lights and wooden chalets selling everything from French Christmas specialties to local arts and crafts. , jewelry, toys and Christmas gifts.

The highlights of Lille's Christmas market include; the big wheel located near the Grand Place, Santa taking part in a spectacular event every Saturday in December, when he "falls" from the 80-meter Belfry of the Chamber of Commerce, and the last Saturday before Christmas an orchestra 450 tapas shows Christmas songs.

Amiens Christmas Market

Regarded as the largest and largest Christmas market in northern France, downtown Amiens turns into a magnificent Christmas festive scene Alpine with cottages and stalls of Picardy.

Visitors to the Amiens Christmas Market can go shopping with ease by strolling the pedestrian streets filled with Christmas trees and decorations. Entertainment is also offered in the form of shows, Christmas carols and activities for children.

It is also worth making a night visit to the magnificent Gothic cathedral of Amiens, Notre-Dame de Amiens. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, Notre Dame Cathedral in Amiens is the centerpiece of the bright "Cathedral of Colors" exhibition, which is being held at Christmas and New Year's Eve. other periods of the year. .

Boulogne-sur-Mer Christmas Market

Annual event, Boulogne Christmas Market takes place in the ramparts of the charming old high town. With its cobblestone streets and quaint charm, the Boulogne Christmas Market offers stalls selling all kinds of handicrafts, Christmas gifts, regional specialties and local specialties such as smoked herring and Cracker pastries. Previous Christmas markets included an ice sculptor, a musical parade and fireworks.


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