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The Gothic subculture has a taste for music, fashion and aesthetics. The subculture is practiced in many countries. Their fashion and outfit are different from normal society. These dresses range from death rock, punk, androgynous, from the Victorian era, to Renaissance or medieval style outfits, or combinations of these, most often dressed in black, makeup and hair. Gothic makeup is one of the most powerful and influential makeup. There are hundreds of gothic beauty tips that a woman can use and practice to portray a beautiful complexion. Although creating Gothic beauty is not easy but it can be done.

Here are some tips that will help you make your gothic style look great: foundation, lipstick, freckle remover, lightening face creams, eyeliner, talcum powder, bleach, sunscreen and more. hundreds of other things. In any type of makeup, the most powerful element is the use of the foundation. This helps to create a smooth pattern of skin and associates facial skin with other makeup applications. A pale base is mainly used for a Gothic look. The use of a lighter base that blends well with the complexion of the skin can provide the best gothic complexion. Apply the foundation to the neck line and beyond to get a more realistic complexion.

Eyeliners are very important for gothic makeup and beauty. Use a black eyeliner because it's the most commonly used eyeliner in Gothic beauty. The eyeliner should be applied correctly and equitably to create a cleaner look. In order to add a pointed rocket, make the corner of the eye go up or down in a punctual way. Matching the lips with pale skin is an important step. The use of a lip pencil will help a distinguished look for the lips and make the lips more prominent than other parts of the face. Especially a black or dark red lipstick is used in a gothic makeup, but other colors can also be used. One important thing is to experiment with different colors, as this can prove to make the most of Gothic beauty. All of these beauty tips can help create the perfect Gothic complexion.


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