Should you flush your engine if there is a race or performance problem?


When you replace your dirty oil with new, a layer of acid and sticky residues remains behind. They are waiting to cause trouble! As these layers of film accumulate in the equipment and car engines, they slow down their normally lively motion. They also cause over 20 racing and performance issues. This includes power loss, valve tapping, oil burning and faster wear of key internal parts. They can shut down your engine! Cleaning is the cure!

The traditional methods of cleaning your engine to put an end to such problems are:

  1. Have your engine disassembled and cleaned. This usually includes replacing worn or worn parts. This is the most expensive method. often costing between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000. This is obviously the best method.
  2. The engine of the machine is emptying. This method sounds good, but quickly falls in disfavor. The damage results from the cleaning solvents used. The damage occurs when a rinsing machine sends solvents throughout the engine under pressure, eliminating residues – which are evacuated during the rinsing process. Parts stores also sell solvent-based engine flashes for do-it-yourselfers to clean their engines. Sounds good, right? Not so! With a little solvent still present and oil removed from the surfaces of your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, etc., by the solvent, there is a momentary metal-metal friction. The lack of fresh oil on dry pistons, bearings, crankshaft and gears creates a temporary metal-on-metal grinding and a faster wear surface. It is there that the harm occurs. If you use this method, the following precautions must be taken:
  3. Do not increase engine speed until oil circulation is ensured, otherwise the engine may be damaged. Let the engine start and idle for several minutes. Drive at slower speeds for a few kilometers to allow normal lubrication to resume.
  4. New, safe products for cleaning engines and transmissions avoid internal damage problems. Chemistry and science offer new products that clean your engine as your reader. Some offer what we could call a safe and holistic cleaning method. Brands that offer these new safe cleaners announce that they do not contain solvents! Some brands use bio-cleansers of plants. Others are mainly chemical in nature.

As a mechanic, I favor holistic chemical brands that offer the ability to clean both the fuel and oil sides of your engine to rid all engines of power and deterrents. They are holistic in that they also include anti-wear, reduced friction and the ability to retain sludge removed in the oil fluid, to drain or filter. But, they also add lubricant helps to every surface called metal surface conditioners.

They are the best engine cleaners. They can advertise to solve a larger number of problems caused by the dirty engine, too! With superior anti-wear and cleaning features, as well as engine longevity benefits, they bring additional benefits to your car and your budget.

These are the ways to clean and put your engine back in a clean condition. Some motorists prefer the type of total remedy. Others, on a budget, are looking for shortcuts, and a less expensive way to handle internal engine problems.

When new products appear, they will replace the old methods with a new version. Look for those that offer better, safer cleaning results. Those that work while you drive. Look for brands that offer a solution to eliminate power loss, valve tapping, burning of oil and faster wear of key internal parts. They can offer you faster, cheaper and longer life benefits for all engines as well as for residue and sludge problems.


Source by George Christ

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