Should you hire a structural engineer to inspect your foundation?


If you notice cracks in your foundation that get worse or if your doors or windows do not close properly, you may need to hire a construction company to repair your foundation.

You may want to consider hiring a structural engineer who can do a thorough and thorough analysis of your foundation and make recommendations on the repairs you will need.

Another benefit of hiring a structural engineer is that he can usually tell you of steps you can take in the future to prevent the reoccurrence of your problems. foundations.

It is also possible that your engineer does not recommend taking preventive measures, for example by keeping the floor around your house if your foundation is not in critical condition. watered properly throughout the year. In this case, you could save thousands of dollars by not having to hire a foundation repair company.

By using the services of a structural engineer, you can ensure that the foundation does the necessary work. Of course, you will not have any more problems in the future. If you do not hire an independent engineer before, you are at the mercy of the foundation repair company to tell you what repairs they think should be done.

The only downside to hiring an engineer to analyze your property is that it can be quite expensive, ranging from $ 300 to maybe over $ 800 depending on factors such as the size of your property. property and how much work the engineer must do to properly assess your damage. If you have a small crawl space that the engineer will have to crawl to complete the inspection, this can increase the cost and the time it takes to get a proper assessment.

Yet even with the fees, many people feel safer. The opinion of a trusted and knowledgeable third party before hiring a company to repair their foundation as foundation repairs can cost many thousands of dollars. The cost can increase quickly depending on the amount of work required, with some repairs costing more than $ 20,000 for large properties.

The only time you can get by without hiring a structural engineer is if you know that the repair is a very small job and the cost of hiring an engineer outweighs the that the work is done and finished. However, it is probably the minority of cases where a foundation repair is needed and most of the time it would be wise to hire an engineer to find out exactly what is going on.


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