Simple and easy CAD software house design – a look at some of the best in the Biz


There is certainly a lot of CAD software on the market today that can be very effective in designing the house. What remains to be the industry leader today is AutoCAD and the latest version, AutoCAD 2009, is really one of the best in the industry. It has hundreds of different features on board that all aim to increase productivity, as well as make the whole process of drawing a child's game. It also happens to be compatible with Windows Vista because it takes advantage of this latest Microsoft operating system.

However, there is more CAD software available on the market. In fact, some of them can even provide better features than AutoCAD. It all depends on the needs of a user, as well as his specific situation. Nevertheless, here are three of the most popular CAD software design software that are both simple and easy to use.

SolidWorks 3D CAD

SolidWorks 3D CAD is a program that is part of the SolidWorks Office Professional software. It offers a full range of CAD production tools, as well as a complete 3D MCAD support. The kit also includes a convenient product data management feature, called PDMWorks, which provides a single solution for all product data tasks, whether for an individual or for a workgroup. Two other key features of this CAD program are MotionManager (calendar that controls springs, gravity and engines over time) and CommandManager (an integrated layout menu that facilitates advanced customization).

TurboCAD Pro 14 Platinum Edition

Another handy CAD software is TurboCAD Pro 14 Platinum Edition. It's probably one of the best apps on the market in terms of productivity and design. It also uses the most advanced tools for architectural and mechanical designs. Aside from 2D drawing, solid ACIS modeling and 3D surface support are also in the spotlight in this program. The photorealistic rendering provided by LightWorks is a great addition because it provides visual results that are unlike any other. The Expansive Architectural Objects Library of TurboCAD Pro 14 is almost limitless as it includes hundreds of different types of railings, stairs, windows and doors.

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is a powerful CAD program that works well for all types of manufacturing companies. What distinguishes this particular product is its ability to transform the complexity of design into a highly manageable and fully integrated discipline. In fact, Solid Edge is the only modern home design software that integrates various design management functions with everyday CAD tools used in the industry. This is really a great choice for designers of all levels.


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