Simple Home Remedies for the Beginner


Homeownership has a cost and a portion of the cost is spent on housekeeping. Whether it's your own home or an investment property if you can do some basic maintenance yourself, you'll gain experience and confidence and save around 40-50 $ hour not hiring a professional.

Today, we will be dealing with bumps and fixing holes in the internal walls usually made of plasterboard, a white plaster liner with paper on the sides. The holes are made in the plaster by door handles, childrens toys or carefree revelers. A good idea for doors that continue to hit the wall is to put a door stop at ground level and this will stop the door handle knocking into the wall.

Material needed

tape measure, small saw, stanley knife, fine sandpaper, tape, wire, scraper, polyfill or other filling compound, piece of plasterboard, plies or the like, glue.


Clean around the hole and cut the damaged section. Cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the hole and insert it diagonally into the hole having glued the side contact wall. Hold the board in place by placing a piece of wire through the center and sticking against the wall.

Let the glue harden, remove the wire. Assemble the thickness to the rest of the wall by mixing the plaster to a smooth consistency, applying with a scraper and let it dry for 2 hours. Sand lightly and repeat until the existing wall matches. Sand, paint and voila … Like new.

There is also a tape available at the hardware store that looks like a sticky bandage with holes that can be used along cracks or around holes and that can hold the plaster and give it some support on the ceilings by example.

When doing this kind of work, use a tarpaulin on the floor and wear a mask when sanding.


Source by Michael Rawle

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