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Whether you are designing an iphone or a country house, keeping it simple is more difficult than it seems. Instead of relying on flash and dash, a simple design relationship on substance, proportion and details. Most people can not say exactly what's wrong in a house when the proportions are zero, but they know a beautiful house when they see it and good proportions are still essential.

In the eighth century, nails and bricks, as well as most other elements of a new home, were handcrafted and became valuable. Only the most experienced craftsmen have been allowed to use these precious resources. Mass building materials were scarce or non-existent, so the first American houses were simple in design and necessity.

The wonderful homes we love are still here today because the details were well thought out and the materials were simple and of the highest quality. Today, it takes restraint and discipline to design a simple and elegant home. Leading by most new homes, he sees that designers have changed the old adage of "Less is more". "More" is More "and have thrown everything to the homes that will stay in.

Simple designs if done correctly can be timeless.The study of proportions is essential to the success of a home. design and does not lend itself to formulas and models.The proportions of each element must work individually and together as a group.On a facade, windows, doors and architectural details must relate to each other and to each other. While symmetry may be beautiful, it is not necessary as long as there is balance.Since a house can be there for hundreds of years, I think it's important to take the time to get the details and the proportions.

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