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Hooded eyes are beautiful, characterized by an extra skin that falls from the brow bone to the eyelids and covers them. This feature gives the face a seductive sexy look, which has many beautiful stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. If you have any, you know how hard it is to put on makeup on the eyes, because the canvas is partially hidden. There is no good space to paint eye shadows or draw lines, or even powder. Even so, with the right tools and tips, you'll know how to brighten up your hooded eyes, and paint them with the colors you like.

Before you jump into learning how to make up for hooded eyes, make sure you have this trait. Look in the mirror and look for a crease above the eye. If there is a crease, look it's hidden when you have your eyes wide open. If so, then you have hooded eyes. Here is everything you need to know about their makeup.

Bigger Eyelids

With hooded eyes, a bigger eyelid is what you need to have for better makeup. You have to create false eyelids, that's for sure, so that the eyelid looks much bigger than it actually is. How are you doing that? You must draw a line over your natural eyelid with a black pencil, then stain it well. Then add a dark eye shadow over the line and mix it outward. Your eyes will be bigger with the false lines above.

The Smoky Eye

Smoky makeup works well with your hooded eyes because it helps open your eyes. With hooded eyes, you should apply smoked metallic makeup in the normal way, and the trick here is to add a lot of shine. Use sparkling eye shadow, and a lot, on your entire lid.

The smoked eye backwards

If you find it difficult to apply smoky makeup on your hooded eyes, then rely on the turn upside down. Concentrate on the lower lash line and apply dark eye shadow on it. Use a light champagne color on the lid and make it to the wing so that your eyes look bigger.

Fast & Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas For Your Hooded Eyes:

– Make Highlighters Your Best Friend. Use it for brighter and bigger eyes.

– Rely on bright, vibrant colors that extend beyond your eyelids.

– Concentrate on the other features of your face. Apply makeup to your lips when you feel it's difficult for you to draw a cat's eye.

– To make sure that you have done your makeup the right way, do big damage with your makeup. Create an oversized cat's eye wing that brings too much drama.

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