Singles: Get Organized!


"Come into my living room"

The spider wanted to invite the fly

But he just could not say it

Because his web was quite messy

-From "Organizing for the Creative Person"

How would you describe your place? CHAOS or NEST?

Do your books, CDs or photo albums take up space in your living room or closet?

Do you pay bills at your kitchen table because you have to move batteries
to get to your office?

Do you bring things home and say, "I'm just going to put them here for now" and that's as far as it goes?

Are you late for your appointments, miss the deadlines, do you still feel like you're on a treadmill?

Do you suffer from CHAOS?

Is the t-maybe-some-on-syndrome?

Would not you rather have your house look like your NEST?


If you are recently single, it can be difficult to establish or keep a home because you and your spouse have always done this together. Depression or grief caused by the loss of a partner can interrupt routine routines and cause dejection. In addition, you may have changed jobs, lost a job, moved or you are in the middle of another transition. Whatever the situation, it's hard to be the one to do it all.

Many singles who suffer from clutter and disorder feel that it does not matter. There is no one to report to. "Why bother, it's just for me!" One woman I interviewed said, "I'm so out that my house has become a place to change my clothes and store my things. "

How does being disorganized affect you? You can spend time looking for things and feeling stressed, you may be stressed by the things you put off. Frankly, I do not think most people know how bad it gets until they start working on it, it's only when you start organizing yourself that you realize how much better you can feel.

If you have tried to organize yourself before, just so that the heaps and behaviors come back, it's probably because you have not really done of change.An honest evaluation, a realistic game plan and a commitment, what is it? It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.The key to success, is the support around of these changes.We simply can not do it alone.Search for an organization Professional practitioner, ask your psychotherapist to help in this area, make a dinner for a trusted friend in exchange for their help. This way, you will not change it overnight, but doing nothing does not work.

Here are some suggestions for turning your CHAOS into your NEST:

1. Have a single notebook for all phone messages or notes.

2. Sort your mail and any other paper immediately when it enters the house and throw everything you can.

3. Make places for things, and put them there.

4. Always complete your task.

5. Develop criteria for what is left and what is thrown away.

6. Allow time in your calendar to organize your office, your home, your workplace

and stick to it.

7. Ask a friend to help you.

8. Have a magnetic cushion on the fridge to keep a shopping list.

9. Put all time-sensitive documents, such as invoices and invitations, in one place so you do not forget them.

10. At the end of the day, take the time to tidy up and store things, so that your space is clean in the morning.

Decide what is really important to you. Work actively to create what you want most. Determine what to do and eliminate clutter. It's time to organize! and you do not have to do it alone.


Source by Andrea Feldman

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