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Caring for one's skin is one of the most important things you can do for your body, and this becomes more true as you get older. Although skin cells are constantly being replaced (we lose up to 400,000 skin cells per minute!), If you damage your skin, this can sometimes be irreversible. Thus, implementing beauty techniques to heal your skin can be invaluable.

In addition to being healthier, your skin will look healthier and can help you look younger. Here are some very useful anti-aging tips. Love the skin in which you are!

The first tip is to avoid using creams containing unhealthy ingredients. Women are obsessed with creams, whether it is for hand lotions, face moisturizers or even depilatory creams. And while some of them are great for improving the appearance and feel of your skin, some people can do more harm than good.

The use of natural skin care solutions is a good idea. But if you use something that has been made in a laboratory, make sure that there are no bad substances that can actually damage your skin. A number of companies include ingredients in their products that are not only unnecessary but have a negative effect on you. They can be cheap, smell good or just set up without good reason. Here are the ingredients you should avoid:

1. Alcohols – Alcohol dries the skin and can lead to infection or irritation. It can also make your skin look older and eliminate the natural protection of the surface. Avoid products containing alcohol.

2. Perfumes – When you think of perfumes, you think of sweet smells, without negative connotations. However, they are made from toxic ingredients and even though they can make a skin care product nice, you do not want to absorb them into your skin. You should target products that have natural odors.

3. Mineral Oil – This substance is regularly used in many skin care products, for the reason that it's cheap. Again, people do not associate mineral oil with being bad or damaging, but it can clog the pores of your skin, causing irritation and even acne. Mineral oil reduces the ability of your body to get rid of toxins, so intensive use can be dangerous. It is also known as paraffin wax, so pay attention to this, and avoid yourself.

4. Parabens – They are used as preservatives in skin care products and help them last longer. However, their obvious effects are allergies and skin irritations. Their link to cancer is less obvious, as studies have shown that they can influence the effects on the endocrine system. Parabens can increase the shelf life of a product, but at what price?

As you can see, the products are not always healthy and natural and may contain harmful ingredients. Take care of your skin (and health as a whole) by avoiding these and using only natural products.


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