Skin Care Tips – Learn How to Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy


Women all over the world want a more beautiful and beautiful skin, and reach out to creams and cosmetics and even regularly go to the beauty salon which provides unnatural but artificial products for skin care.

Apart from these options, there is another option that is also widely used by women who are interested in naturopathy or who use natural products from nature. This method is known as Skin Peeling. Dry skin and dead cells block pores giving rise to problems like acne. The method of skin peeling removes dead cells, and gives birth to a new, healthy and radiant skin.

The benefits of peeling the skin are numerous. First of all, you see the reduction of wrinkles, and they start to appear less, and it also gives a uniform skin color, the skin becomes brighter in the complexion, the reduction of scars will be noticeable and slow down melanin which means, the skin would look younger. You can try this method for the whole body, including the face. You will find wonderful results and start enjoying the whole process.

Salt and sugar are very effective and natural ingredients that work smoothly in the process of exfoliation. Take 6-7 cubes of sugar or half a cup of salt in a bowl and a few drops of oil (can be coconut oil or olive oil) and mix them properly. Moisten the skin where the mixture should be applied, and apply the paste using a sponge or cotton or hands.

There are other alternatives such as the use of a mixture of sugar, honey and shower gel and following the same procedure mentioned above, and in the same way. applying on the skin of your body. Apart from these methods, the third alternative is to use a mixture of corn bran, shower gel and yogurt.

You can try the peeling using one of the alternatives mentioned above depending on your comfort depending on the ingredients available at the nearest store. But to give you a word of caution, do not repeat this procedure more than twice a week. Excessive peeling can damage the skin and damage skin cells, which can lead to dry skin. After peeling, be sure to use a good herbal sunscreen that contains a blend of ingredients like Aloe Vera and Neem, which are extremely soothing and provide a great good protection without side effects.


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