Skin Deep Cosmetic Beauty: Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow Design


The importance of eyebrows as a powerful beauty asset is often overlooked.

Eyebrows can be formed to gather all the elements of the face in balance,

giving your best features the glory and flaws of respectful support roles. People

with thin eyebrows, partial or not, often choose to use a pencil or powder to create

their eyebrows every day and even several times a day since this makeup tends to

stain or disappear. Many of these people complete this daily ritual with

Permanent makeup. Permanent makeup, also known as a cosmetic or micro tattoo

pigmentation, is used to create a variety of changes in the face. Eyebrow

Improvement is an extremely popular permanent makeup procedure.

Eyebrow design should only be done once

In her book Bobbi Brown Beauty, Ms. Brown writes, "…. a well-groomed, well-defined

forehead can be extremely flattering and add considerable force to a woman's eyes.

She can open her face so that she has less need for makeup. A well-trained front

can also help lift sunken eyes or maximize small eyes. There are even instances

where a raised and manicured forehead had the same effect as a surgical facelift.

eyebrows are rarely performed by riddles. A permanent makeup artist must be

adept in the art and science of shape design, color and placement for

Beautiful symmetrical eyebrows that improve through the decades. A good choice

Neutral eyebrow will flatter you through all your hair color changes. Adjustments in

The color of your permanent makeup can be made, if necessary, when you have a

retouching on it every one to five years.

Cosmetic tattoo, a versatile solution

Causes of missing hair in the eyebrows are many-genes, disease, over-plucked,

Age-related hair loss and physical trauma, for example. An inspired and talented

Cosmetic tattoo artist can work with the "landscape" of the frontal area is totally

virgins, scars or deeply wrinkled. A lifting bow can be placed in a straight or falling line

eyebrows, width in fine, short length and symmetry

asymmetrical. Whatever the case may be, the tattoo offers a precision that is

hard to get and keep with regular makeup. Tattooed eyebrows stay in place

if the design is strong and precise or subtle and natural. Eyebrows

can be applied in fine hair, a powder filling or a combination of both,

still using more than one pigment color to create the illusion of dimension. As

as much as possible of its natural hair is incorporated into the design. the

The solution of permanent eyebrows is used by men, as well as women.

Making a Statement

The eyebrows not only frame the eyes, but when they are trained appropriately for a face that they

puts the whole face to the point, giving a person more presence. The eyebrow

design can even be used to qualify this presence as, for example, down-to-earth,

glamorous, sweet or authoritarian. In other words, the eyebrows can influence the way people

to perceive you. In fact, the eyebrows can influence the way you perceive yourself. same

When you know that beauty is inside, you want to look your best. Trust can

Change the impression you leave in all your social and professional interactions.

Positive and healthy self-esteem allows you to focus on important goals, instead of

insists on looking old, tired or unattractive. Legendary makeup artist Kevyn

Aucoin says, "The most dramatic thing you could do to change your appearance is to shape

your eyebrows. "

Always plan ahead

A permanent makeup procedure is a process that most often requires two

sessions, usually three or four weeks apart for permanent eyebrows. First

session design is applied and in the second session the color, shape and detail is

refines. Building eyebrows in stages can minimize or completely eliminate

Dark eyebrow stage oh-so-scary. You must not feel embarrassed by your

appearance at any point in the process. If you plan to have surgery

forehead, eyes or full face complete surgery and healing process before

adding permanent cosmetics to your face. When you plan on having Botox,

Chemotherapy or radiotherapy first apply cosmetic tattoos. In

regarding laser treatments, discuss this during your consultation.


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