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You lose weight, but noticing that your skin is getting a little … baggy. Are you stuck with this? Not necessarily what you may have seen on these "watches." Not everyone who loses a lot of weight has problems with "bagging, sagging" of the skin.

Understanding Your Skin ( The Largest Organ in Your Body ) can help you better understand why fitness trainers and nutritionists tell you to exercise. Is not a circus tent that stays tense like a deflated air mattress after losing a lot of weight.

Your chances of having an excess of skin once you reach your healthy weight will depend how much you lose, every time you have included exercise in your weight loss plan and how fast you lost it.

Beautiful skin after weight loss

Remember that your body did not gain weight overnight and that your skin was adapted as as your growing body. Many factors determine skin loss, including the duration of excess weight.

You have heard repeatedly lose weight, and drink plenty of water and that is true. Water has an added benefit beyond helping your body eliminate toxins as your weight decreases, it also nourishes your skin. Drinking at least 32 ounces of water a day helps your skin adjust when the weight comes off and helps restore its elasticity.

Losing weight slowly helps prevent or even eliminate that 'droopy'. appearance of excess skin following weight loss. It is best to lose one to three pounds a week and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Understanding nutrient-rich and water-rich foods

A great way to stay hydrated along with drinking water begins to add water-rich foods to the planning of your water meal.

Research shows that drinking water with your meals may not be an effective method to reduce calories or curb your hunger.

For women who started eating water-rich foods like zucchini and other high-moisture vegetables during meals, they reduced their calories because they were eating less and getting better. felt satiated.

Finally, the best way to protect your skin as you lose weight is to avoid sodas and other sugary drinks, to transmit dietary supplements, to limit your caffeine intake and to permanently eliminate them. saturated fats.

As someone who wants to eat healthy to lose weight, this should be good news. Eating foods with high water content, you do not have to limit your serving size as much with these foods.

For example, if you can not live without a pasta salad, then load it with cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbages, zucchini and lettuce. Eat to feel full and satisfied because it will have about the same amount of calories without the vegetables. But the added benefit is that you keep your skin hydrated.

Adding extra vegetables to all your meals gives you a larger portion of this dish without increasing your calories. When eating away from home, ask for an extra salad or a portion of raw vegetables on the side.

There is no use in increasing your vegetable intake if you add a ton of salt or other "salty" flavors.

For lunches opt for plain soups or fresh fruits and vegetables. Make a habit of regularly including water-rich foods with each meal. You will continue to lose weight, keep your skin hydrated from the inside and not feel guilty about this basket of strawberries that you have polished after dinner.

Remember that your skin is a living tissue

The more you can do during your weight loss to help it stay flexible and hydrated, the less weight you will lose later.

Is it easy to add to your weight loss routine?

Unless you have serious collagen damage – you need a little patience, eat healthy, stay hydrated and get your Vitamin D AGEs and d & # 39; # 39; omega-3. It does not get any easier than that.


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