Small House Models – What to Look for in Floor Plans for Small Houses


It is not a problem to suffer with less. Building small houses, that is, achieving your goals rather than seeing what you can eliminate. Thoughtful preparations, research and good design will produce the results you want.

As with any goal, you must determine exactly what you want. What is important to you and what is not it? Explore your priorities first.

Small Houses That Really Work

The simplest solution would be to simply take a house plan that you like and reduce the dimensions and cut pieces. Easy maybe, but it makes the house dysfunctional. What you want is to make sure that the living spaces are not cramped and that the things you want are not eliminated.

Two tips often given when designing for a smaller home. They involve both expansion rather than reduction but one emphasizes the element of combining while the Another implies sharing . Let's look at both:

  • Let the kitchen soak up your dining room or your dining room.
  • Create a single large shared bathroom with a separate washroom.

In the first idea, you create a large kitchen that is combined with a dining room. The result is a larger area used for different but complementary functions. This is a good example of combining areas and reducing the number of pieces.

The second example concerns the enlargement of a room (the bathroom) but the design of an easier sharing. By separating the toilets (and perhaps the sinks and / or the shower), you can eliminate a bathroom and make the rest very functional and even luxurious if that's what you want.

Expand and Share and Combine

The essential is to think "bigger" without adding square feet to the house. Larger rooms create the feeling of space and comfort, not cluttered and small. Think about what you can share or what you can combine.

And, as always, begin with a clear vision of what is important to you.


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