Spare parts for double glazing


Regardless of the strength and the maintenance, everything has a shelf life. Double glazed windows are no different. You will eventually find your assembly requiring replacement or repair. Fortunately, there are several options available when it comes to double glazed spare parts.

Frames and Scarves

Frames are at the top of the list, as are frames (for hinged or sliding mobile windows). Spare parts are plentiful for these, but separating the chassis or chassis from the windows and installing a new one can be difficult. The frame normally marries the glass so tightly that it would be difficult to separate them without altering the seal. Putting the assembly together will often require the help of a professional or someone from a very handy with home improvement.

Note: There is not much you can do with bent aluminum and damaged UPVC frames, but to replace them. They are sold as is without the possibility of adjustments and repairs. With wood, you can carry out renovations "but at a higher cost. Common workarounds include caulking joints, coating wood with putty to prevent bursting frame, repainting frames or chassis to create a new look

Handles and Locks

Replacement handles are easier to install "provided that the frame is still in excellent condition. The most contemporary models have dual features.

For safety reasons, manufacturers now ensure that double glazed windows meet British Standards (BS) 7412. Theoretically, any window or door that BS 7412 is very difficult to penetrate the 39; outside. This is made possible through the use of multi-bolts or bolts. A system uses multi-bolts distributed along the frame. Another variant relays the keys to perform locking and unlocking.

Window Restrictors

Households with children will likely also invest in window restriction devices. Statistics show that window openings as small as a human head can be enough to penetrate burglars. Most importantly, falling through open windows can result in injury or death.

Although this is not required by current building regulations, restrictors limit the maximum opening size of many hinged type mobile glazing windows. A window restrictor is convenient to have during the summer months when you want to let in fresh air without compromising the safety of children and your valuables.


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