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When buying or selling real estate, it is common for the buyer to request an inspection of the home in order to discover appliances or mechanical parts that could pose a problem. This includes things like the air conditioning system, the heating system, the plumbing system, the electrical system, the roof, the foundation, the paint or exterior cladding, and other elements that may need to be replaced. A handyman would be a good candidate to own such a business. There are private companies and franchise house inspection companies that could either have started from scratch or purchased as an existing business. The benefits of buying an existing business are the clientele that accompanies the company. It is also easier to continue on the path to a successful operation with the purchase of an existing business.

The other avenues for a good handyman are the need for home repairs and inspections. These companies are always in demand because there are always people who can not do their own work and need to hire a professional. There are a large number of repairs and improvements that are systematically needed around a home. This constant need of homeowners makes for an endless group of customers who need something done. The lack of prospects who need work will probably not happen in any city. The problem for a new repair company or an inspection company is that they are not well known when they open their doors. A franchise operation alleviates a little, because the name of the franchise can be well known. A private company named must dig for its customers at the beginning. This will allow you to spend a lot of time advertising and prospecting. This could be another reason to consider buying an existing business with a good reputation.

A part-time handyman may be able to start a full-time business with greater ease because they have some clients who can refer them to others. They have people who know the quality of their work and they do not start as a complete unknown.

As with all other business purchases, the buyer of an existing business pays for the reputation and list of customers of an existing business. This adds to the cost of starting the business, but it can be quickly covered by existing customers & # 39; need work. The company purchased could also work only with rental companies and apartment owners, instead of private parties. or the owners. The work of renting property is a very special area of ​​the repair business. These customers are thought of after and still need help if they have a number of properties under management. The competition to land these customers will be fundamental because they are considered customers of bread and butter. Since these management companies have many clients, they are excellent sources of repair work. The big plus for the repair company is that they only have to make the sale to the manager of the rental company.

Finding a Business and Buying a Business

Finding the right business to buy is the first priority of a potential new owner. There are many ways to do it. A buyer can study businesses for sale in the local newspaper. You can ask all the bookkeepers or bookkeepers you know if they know a company for sale. The Internet is a good place to look because there are two possible ways to help. You can find a list of business brokers working in your area. You can find listings of companies for sale. These two sources will give you possible businesses that need to be contacted. The help of a business broker, is very good way to go, as these professionals can be of great help in providing information and helping with the purchase. The purchase of a business is much more difficult than buying a home. There are so many aspects of buying a business that need to be checked before the purchase. A business broker is helpful in doing these steps because that is what they do for a living. All of this involves finding a company to buy.

After finding the company you want, what are the steps to follow to make the sale happen? It is always the art of bargaining. First, a price must be established once the financial statements have been disclosed. The potential buyer has the obvious need and the right of all facts and figures about the company. Some homeowners are reluctant to report everything and that is a mistake. Lack of transparency can kill the case. There can be two prices. One can be based on a full cashing another can be higher if the buyer is going to need terms to complete the deal … This is common when the seller carries paper to allow the sale.

This part of the sale is extremely important because it is the heart of the matter. The price paid for a business can be decisive if the operation works and is successful for all parties to the transaction. The price while being critical, the terms of the sale are just as important. A low price with too high monthly payments can be equally crippling. The total price and the monthly payments must both be in a range that can be managed without stifling the business. The business broker can help negotiate an agreement with which all can live and prosper. If the agreement can not be worked out so that it is favorable to all concerned, the buyer would be wise to simply walk away from it and try later with a different seller. The worst thing that a buyer can do is to tie up in a financial arrangement with which they can not live for the duration of the payment period. The business broker can help make the situation work for both the buyer and the seller.


The home repair industry has many potential customers because there are always people who can not do the repairs themselves. They must rent it or it will never be finished. There are more owners than repairers to do the job. There are many possible jobs within this group of people, so this group is the clientele for the typical repair business. The second group of possible clients are property management companies and real estate brokers. These customers are still strong and deserve to be grown if you want to develop such a business.

The home inspection business is still in demand because most home buyers want to inspect them before buying them. They do not want to buy a problem that they will have to correct shortly after buying the house. Real estate brokers can be important here because they have the track on the recommendations. If you buy an existing business, the list of customers will come with it and will provide customers to the business. This is the obvious reason to buy an existing business if the price is not too high. As with all purchases from an existing business, the buyer must evaluate the price compared to what the business will bring to the customer.


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