Starting an Acne Prevention Diet


If you want to know more about starting an acne prevention diet, then you should read this article. While doctors have believed for many years that there is no correlation between acne and your diet, new scientific research has changed their opinion, and no doctor informed of the latest discoveries Doubts about the fact that food is one of the most important. acne factors.

But it's not always what you think that aggravates acne. Chocolate for example is something that is widely considered to cause or aggravate acne – but there is no hard science that confirms this common belief. There was a study at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine that showed that people who eat excessive amounts of chocolate do not have a higher risk or a likelihood of getting sick. acne than those who do not.

Processed foods seem to cause and aggravate acne. While the chocolate itself is not bad, a chocolate bar could very well be bad for people suffering from acne – but not because of the chocolate itself, but because of all the other chemical ingredients that are found there.

be bad for your skin if you have acne problems. It is true that there are many benefits to drinking milk, but for people with acne, these benefits might not be worth it. One of the reasons is that drinking milk or eating cheese can unbalance your hormones. Cows are fed all kinds of growth hormones nowadays, and there are residues of these hormones in cow's milk. In addition, even natural cow's milk is made to help grow a small calf in a large cow in a very short time. There are hormones in natural milk that cause this growth, and these hormones are not good for humans.

Starting an acne prevention diet involves learning a bit about what exactly causes acne and freeing your mind of the myths that exist around this topic. but it's worth it because it's the best way to permanently cure pimples.


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