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Starting natural hair could be a long journey for some people. Because of technology, people often change their hairstyles. Aside from its benefits, changing hairstyles too often can give you disadvantages. The bad thing about this is that chemicals can damage the natural roots of your hair instead of making it unhealthy. Although, in most cases, some perms have been started in many young people so that your tender head needs to rebuild and strengthen these roots. Because laundry, sulphates and inorganic chemicals give your hair a great look at first, in the end you will need a new makeover and another permanent one. This then leads to more damage to the scalp and hampers your natural hair growth process.

If you are having trouble starting natural hair, you can take several steps that can help you on your journey. The most important step you need to do is to research articles or techniques and habits during natural growth. This site and other forums will provide you with real people & # 39; techniques and ways to start your natural process. Understanding all about natural growth is to encourage your natural beauty.

Another step you should take is to find a salon that will give you a good haircut or "The big chop" so you know the steps to follow after a cut to avoid being overwhelmed. You can also talk to your hairdresser about the natural growth of hair when you are ready. Apply what you have learned from the articles below on growing your new hair naturally.

Monitoring the growth of your hair is one of the steps you can consider. Massage your hair with hair oils so that it is smooth. Try organic oils like tea tree and green tea oils. Choose oils that are made with herbs or natural ingredients. Use excellent conditioners like shea butter and olive oil products. Avoid products that contain harmful chemicals such as sulphates that dry the scalp, preferably water-based products. Studies show that some toxins can enter your body if you apply non-natural shampoos and a conditioner steadily, so make sure you are not allergic to any of these products .

Aside from shampoos, hair oils, conditioners and other hair products, taking vitamins is also beneficial. Although there are hair vitamins available on the market, vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex and so on are known to be helpful in starting natural growth. Also, drink a lot of water! This will help your hair become tender and healthy.

Surround yourself with people who are full of encouragement. It will give you the strength to start natural hair and you will not think of giving up. Buy products to start natural. Experiment on products and explore them before applying them to your hair. By exploring hair products, you can find its disadvantages and / or benefits for your hair. Ask some people about where to buy good hair products or browse some websites that offer these products. Always buy those who are known to give the best solutions. It can be expensive but you will not regret its result.

Starting natural hair is difficult but with proper care and nutrition, you will easily achieve it. If you are determined to have a natural hair, you will succeed with it. You only have to be patient because starting natural hair can take a long time. Always find resources here and online if you want to know anything about starting natural hair. Do not be afraid to ask. There is nothing wrong with that. Most importantly, enjoy your journey in natural hair start. Start natural relationships about how you are determined to make it flow.


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