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People often complain about not having enough time. Whether out of the gym or giving up valuable dreams, it's a popular excuse. I sympathize, even if they lie.

Time? You have a lot of time – more than you know what to do with. It's easy enough to prove. What do you know about the last season of reality TV? Where are the video games plus your speed? Do you go out with friends a little more often than you should?

You want to enjoy life, I understand. Well, somehow. Writing is part of my dream life and I appreciate it more than just wasting my time. I want to follow my goal more than I feel like it. And, wow, look at all the time I find for that. If something is important to you, then you can do the same thing.

But if you say you work all day and come home exhausted, then what's wrong with a small TV? Now we are getting closer to the truth. This is not a lack of time, however – it is a shortage of energy. Why is it acceptable to say that you do not have the time ("I am bad to prioritize every day!") But run out of energy ("I have biological limits!") Is taboo?

Forget the taboos. We are here to solve a problem. Add an hour to most people's days and it's another time of television. Increase their energy by 10%, however, and you have a totally different person.

The truth will set you free

I will not tell you all the ways to increase your energy. You know the most effective – sleep well, eat better, exercise. (Do not tell me you do not have time to do it, there is still this word, and you have enough energy for them because they create energy. ). Instead, let's look at things from the point of view of a hypnotist.

In my quest to better probe my body and mind, I made mistakes. A recent one was when I threw my nutrient levels out of control. I have since corrected it (and then some) but, for a moment, I was lethargic, irritable and unmotivated.

I learned two things from this experience:

One is that even when running empty, I found the energy to write every day. It's important to me, so I did it. The simple biological reality would not hold me back.

Two, even though I was unbalanced, hypnotizing myself made me whole. I could ward off pains and fatigue with nothing but my thoughts.

Beware of the material? This sentence is not close to capturing it. The mind possesses matter.

Some days are a struggle, but they do not have to be. Remember your mission. Why do you want to succeed at everything you have chosen? Or anything that has chosen you, perhaps? Your perfect future will not find you where you are from. It takes commitment even to meet him halfway, to put himself in the line of fire. I'm not telling you this to pump you – if that's your goal, then the commitment is easy.

If you had ever asked me to write 500 words a day, seven days a week, I would have choked. How could I find so many ideas? Yet I'm here, exceeding the 500-word mark without even thinking about it. It's because I'm driven. So you are, for the things that matter.

Having a goal is the ultimate lifestyle upgrade. It forces you to dig deeper, think deeper and live more deeply. And it is easy! It's the shocking part – how natural discipline is when it fits what you really want. What's more difficult is to start, so once you know what you want to do, work on it every day. You will quickly find that breaks are more difficult than working.


Source by William T Batten

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