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Like any other art form, makeup is also an art. It is very important for an artist to know what he wants in the end and then he should work accordingly. This means that the person must know if the makeup is made to look natural, or for a dinner where it must be a little noisy or the occasion and the place where we go. The choice of colors is very important and it is also important to know your characteristics.

The path to a skin of perfect appearance is to apply a concealer that is a lighter shade to the skin. All imperfections and dark cycles under the eyes should be covered with the concealer and then mixed to cover the entire face. After the concealer, a base matching your complexion should be used. It should be applied in dots all over the face and then mixed with a make-up sponge or fingertips. This should be covered later with loose powder or presses so that the base and the concealer stay longer.

The next should focus on the eyes. A powdered eyebrow shadow should be used to give a more natural look. The following should apply three shades of eye shadows. The darker in a thin line above the upper eyelid, a medium color on the eyelid and finally a light color just below the eyebrow should be applied. Instead of the dark color one can also use an eyeliner and below the lower eye mask one can use a kaajal pencil. The finishing touch should be given by applying two layers of mascara.

To apply a blush on the cheek, one must smile and then apply it on apples to the cheek or lower than one prefers. Be careful to choose a lip color that matches the color of the skin or you can mix the two-three colors to get a perfect mix that will suit the outfit. The last step should be to align the lips after applying lipstick. Be careful not to combine a light lip color and a dark lining.

By following these steps one can get a perfect and beautiful look that boys will drool and girls will envy !!!


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