Steps in Microtia Surgical Repair


Microtia is a congenital malformation that affects the development of the outer ear. This distortion of the ear can result in partial or complete hearing loss depending on the severity of the microtia. Children can correct the deformity of the outer ear with surgery or ear reshaping, but many choose to leave it, especially the microtia is unilateral.

Parents of small children with microtia may also opt for a hearing aid to correct the hearing loss purchased on this common congenital malformation. Microtia before and after the surgery of the installation of hearing aids is greatly improved and allows the child to live a normal life. Before parents of children with microtomy hearing loss choose surgery, they should explore all options to correct the common congenital anomaly.

Children who are going to undergo microtomy correction surgery to repair their hearing loss should be informed of what will happen during their surgery by you, this parent and their doctor. Microtia congenital ear deformity can be repaired in some cases, but each is different. Your child might be suffering from a microtia case so severe that he might not be able to repair his hearing after surgery.

Parents of children with microtraumatic hearing loss may be reluctant to undergo surgery because of the cost of microtrauma surgery, but most insurance companies will cover these costs because of the need to repair this congenital malformation. The child will need a good listen for many professions and simply to lead a normal life.

The microtia repair process is very intensive due to the need to harvest the cartilage ribs for use for reconstruction of the external ear deformity purchased by microtia. Your child will have to stay in the hospital to recover for a week or more. Depending on the severity of the microtia, your child may need a reconstruction of the ear canal or simply a remodeling of the ear. This will affect the duration of the actual ear repair surgery.

Two months after taking cartilage, the surgeon forms and attaches the earlobe. Your child can return home the same day and should only take care to keep the ear clean and undisturbed. Children born with a deformed ear microtia are no different from most children, they will want to go out and play and parents need to make sure that it does not become too difficult. Microtia repair surgery may take longer if the incision is infected or irritated by rough play.

Five months after the initial surgery, your child with microtia will return to the hospital so that the outer ear is formed and attached. The final surgery is performed on the ear again three months later to form the tragus, or pointed part of the ear that will protect the debris from entering the ear canal. At this point, your child will only have scars to show off their microtia. In most cases, their hearing loss will have been completely repaired.

Once the operation is complete, your child can return to a normal life, with the exception of exhausting sports or difficult housing.


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