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In Sweden, the interest in furniture and design has increased considerably, to the point that it is just as important to express one's personality as the garment that the l & # 39; ;We wear. Similar to fashion in clothing, Stockholm is a leading area for furniture and interior (inredning), and as it is one of the most popular cities in the world. modern world, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Furniturebox is a web-based company with a 500 square meter brick-and-mortar store in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Furniturebox specializes in high quality furniture at very reasonable prices. Bolia offers very special furniture. They specialize in new Scandinavian design with hand-made pieces by a renowned design team. The Bolia Design Award gives young designers the opportunity to join this first-rate team.

POM (Piece of Mind) is a furniture company who wonders why some products should not exist. And then they answer that question by bringing these products to existence. Stalands Möbler with its timeless designs and DUX beds are one of the major players in the furniture sector in Stockholm; Like Ekero Furniture.

Länna Möbler chose a new range after leaving the recent furniture fair with the opinions and wish lists of its customers. With Bromma Möbler, you get good solid furniture from around the world and Carlssons Furniture offers high quality furniture from a family that has been in the furniture business for three generations. The company G.A.D. which comes from the island of Gotland also has a strong presence in Stockholm and offers bespoke furniture.

With a unique wide variety of second-hand stores, coupled with a large number of galleries selling samples, furniture built in light of the principles and concepts of Feng Shui, with timeless pieces from the decades 50 and 60 that are in great demand right now, combined with furniture giants like IKEA, Mio and EM, the SoFo region is an exciting place in Stockholm that any furniture lover would not dare

One of the most Great gatherings for Scandinavian furniture lovers is the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Stockholm Furniture exhibits several of his pieces during this fair, a particular section being the greenhouse. The Greenhouse section is where many international design schools and new designers have an excellent opportunity to showcase their work. This furniture fair runs parallel to the Northern Light Fair, which is Scandinavia's lighting exhibition.


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