Stop a Break Right Now – How to Fix Damage and Recover Your Partner


When it's a breakup, you're going to want to repair all the damage and get your partner back right now! The thing is, it's something that's a lot easier to say than what to do; So the question is, "What steps do I need to take to ensure that I get my partner back and not push him away?

We will give you some tips now to make sure you avoid some mistakes and use the proven psychological tactics to get your ex quickly!

Tip # 1 – Avoid the "Dependency" Error
You absolutely want to make sure that you avoid the addiction error permanently. Why? Just because a lot of people do not realize it, but when you express addiction to your ex – they will have the impression that you have not changed at all, or that the status the relationship does not change, you want to stop doing that before it's too late!

There are specific things you do, unconsciously, that show an addiction that you do not even realize! Like small interactions on the phone, at the tone of your voice, you do not want to show the addiction! More on this later.

Tip # 2 – Build Your Own Independence
That's right, you want to build your own independence today; This is essential, the reasoning behind this is simply that. You want to be independent and build your own self esteem, make yourself happier – you do not want to depend on your ex for happiness; When you are in contact with someone else who leaves you heartbroken, you may have a tendency to lose yourself a bit – and it is better to go back to yourself.

When your ex feels that, they will see you and the potential relationship as a spark, they will look at you like when you started dating, but that's not the only thing you need to do.

There are a lot of psychological mistakes that people make to increase the damage! Even when they try to go to independence, they do not do it properly and it ends up that the relationship is never repaired .


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