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Many women attend belly dance classes for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are personal and others are public. Among those who go to church, there is this question: "Is it normal to take belly dance lessons? Religious beliefs may or may not interfere with lessons to be learned

Religious Beliefs

There are different beliefs or rules with different denominations. Playing cards, social dances, hairstyles, makeup, dress codes are some of these restrictions. If personal and religious beliefs conflict with dance, then do not participate.

If the church you are attending sees dancing as a sin, any art of dancing will be taboo and you will be led to believe that you are sinning against a higher being. If a church ritual says you have to fast for 3 days, water only; so do not eat. It's your personal choice to follow the teachings of your chosen church or not.

There are church practitioners who participate in square dancing, folk dancing, line dancing, waltz and tango, and many other forms of dance. The same can be said of belly dancing; Folk and ethnic costume styles cover the body from head to toe.

How We Think

The main theme is how you think. If you think something is bad, then that is it. If it's a good thing, then it's good. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the viewer, so too are evil and goodness in the eyes of the viewer. Belly dancing can be thought back and forth depending on the thought and presentation of the person who is planning to study this form of art.


Originally belly dancing was used as birthing exercises and for the childbirth process. During the unoccupied periods, women danced for social reasons in the company of other women. This enjoyment continues in our modern world.

Historically, women have danced in ceremonies and spiritual events;

Other Motivations

If the dancer decides that she wants to be provocative, wearing rare costumes, and moving her body to attract male strangers … is another story. These women have other motivations that are not accepted by any church and their teachings.


1. Belly dancing offers benefits designed for the female body. It offers healthy solutions for mental, physical and spiritual needs.

2. It's a dance that helps people to experience happiness, good health and celebration of life.

3. This dance helps many women to appreciate and accept their female body.

4. They develop a better understanding of their mental and physical attributes and, in turn, are respected.

Women have many problems in a man's world and there are uncomfortable and difficult conflicts that many women struggle with. This dance offers them the opportunity to understand and deal with these difficult issues.


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