Tame Frizzy Hair With A Curling Iron


Experts recommend, and most people with curly hair know, that drying in the air is the best way to avoid frizz if you have naturally curly hair. Unfortunately, it does not always work in real life, because drying in the air can take several hours, even for my fine hair. These days, I have to go out before my hair is completely dry, I use the hair dryer with a diffuser. This usually boosts my frizzy curls that even extra hair products will not bring back under control. It's then that I know it's time to take out my curling iron and put myself to work.

If you have five to ten minutes more, my hairdresser has done the following steps to eliminate the frizz looks (and it works!). All you need is a curling iron and hair clips.

Section your hair into at least four divisions around your head. Pull the hair on the top of your head in a large section. Secure each section with hair clips.

2. Start with section one (subdivide if the section is thick enough) and loop your hair with a curling iron in alternate directions for each strand. First, make the loop go towards the back of your head. Then move the loop forward. Continue through each section until you get everything around your head. Spray with a little hairspray if you wish.

3. Then divide the top into three sections. Curl each section back and secure with a clip. Let stand for 15 seconds. Again, spray with a hairspray if you wish. Detach and drop freely.

Put a wide-toothed comb in your hair. Your style will be loose, polite and, above all, the frizzies will be gone.


Source by Julie S. Montgomery

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