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Whether the weather is hot or not, you want to look your best. Some girls and boys look good with a medium complexion, some look good with a fair complexion, but you want to look your best and you look absolutely amazing with a nice tan . However, it may be the rainy season or it may snow outside. You have no idea how you will get your tan if it continues. Do not worry, it's here that the tanning accelerator comes in.

What's a Tanning Accelerator? It's a great complement, whether for a tanning bed or a naturally sunny day. It increases the amount of melanin (the pigment protein that produces darker skin) than your body produces in a defensive reaction against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Without even using sunscreen, your body tries to block these UV rays by producing more melanin to protect you; However, sunscreen is advised because your body can not produce enough melanin to completely protect you and that is what leads to sun burns or, in some cases, skin damage or cancer skin.

What does it look like? In most cases, it is either a pill form or a lotion. It helps your body produce more melanin naturally, which makes tanning faster. It can consist of any of these two ingredients, although it can sometimes be both:


Psoralen and Tyrosine are two amino acids that stimulate and encourage the production of melanin in your body. What does it mean? They make you tan much faster than you would naturally. Take into consideration, however, that both are not approved by the FDA. This means that they can prove to be harmful as they do not receive the seal of approval from the government.

If it's not approved by the FDA, is it really dangerous? Probably not. As long as you wear a decent amount of sunscreen, you will be protected. However, the saying goes that everything must be taken in moderation. Do not tan and tan with just the tanning booster and without sunscreen, as this could prove to be very detrimental to your body. Always be careful and protective of your body. No matter how beautiful your tan is, the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen or sunscreen are too high to risk a little extra melanin.

Is the seaside season time consuming? Do not leave unprepared. Take a good start with a sunbath or a tanning session using a tanning accelerator. You will look absolutely beautiful in your bikini and your friends will envy you when you have such a beautiful tanned body. Make sure to protect yourself with sunscreen.


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