Tattoo Aftercare Tips – How to Properly Care For Your Tattoo and Keep It From Fading


Tattoo Aftercare:

First Day Back:

So you just sit for the last two and a half hours receiving your dream tribal symbol or Chinese butterfly tattoo design. Where are you going from here?

You left the tattoo parlor with a nice big white dressing and a huge bandage covering your entire arm. Let the dressing stay for at least four hours minimum, or overnight if you received the tattoo at night according to the time.

Be sure to gently wash the tattoo when removing the dressing and dressing with a non-scented sensitive soap, shower gel or body wash. Gently wash the exposed area by hand, being careful to use a soft, clean cloth or a sponge that will not let anything fall, by applying warm water and soap. Apply water to absorb any bandage material that may have been left on the surface. Be sure not to bandage the area again as your new body art will need air to heal. Wash and rinse the tattoo at least twice in a twenty-four hour period. While the tattoo is in its healing phase. Let your new tattoo design dry naturally in the air, you may need to wash it to keep it clean during this time by following the directions above. Once finished, apply a small amount depending on the size of the tattoo of the moisturizing lotion for unscented skin in the surface by rubbing it until it is absorbed through the skin.

It is known that some people develop an allergy or allergic reaction to bacitracin which is commonly used as an antibiotic after treatment on tattoos. Triple antibiotic and other ointments may also contain the same chemicals. For this reason, we do not always recommend its use, nor advocate the use of ordinary petroleum jelly. Lotions are more reliable in hot weather conditions. Maintaining wet or damp conditions will speed up the healing process, but your tattoo needs to breathe. The heavy applications of oil-based ointments and the products of these cans choke and prevent the tattoo from healing completely, causing rash and other irritations. It is possible for you to get the wet tattoo, but do not soak or soak your tattoo design in the bath or shower for long periods while the sore is in the healing process.

Whenever you work in unhygienic conditions, for example going to the gym, working underground or wearing tight clothing, be sure to pack a paper towel completely on your tattoo. Try to wear loose clothing around your tattoo design. It is normal for your skin around the tattoo to peel and flake off. Do not be surprised to find small pieces of discolored skin during healing, this is natural and part of the healing process. Whatever you do, do not pick, rub, or scrape the skin, as this may cause scars on the fabric. If you find that your skin becomes itchy gently pat the skin as this will lessen the itchy feeling.

You may need to wash and rinse your tattoo more frequently if you work near grease, chemicals and dirty environments or if you have a tattoo near a body area in a highly bacterial area eg armpits, buttocks, or genitals. Do not expose your tattoo to chlorine, salt, drunkenness or sunbathing for at least 10 days. Pay special attention to lotions and ointments containing excess alcohol.

Exhibit tattoos only for long periods of sun after they are completely cured. You must apply a high-factor sunscreen to protect it from the effects of radiation. Tattoos usually take 7-10 days to heal completely. So do not hesitate to show and appreciate.


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