Tattoo Designing: Five Tips for First Timers!


For beginners, the idea of ​​getting inked on your birthday is common. After all, people like to keep the memory of their special day in the form of a tattoo is not uncommon. However, choosing a birthday tattoo design is not easy. With so many options flooding the market, making the right choice can become very difficult. Before you get inked, it is important to do the necessary research and make sure that you make a carefully weighed decision especially if you are the first timer because a tattoo stays with you forever.

Here are some suggestions for all beginners who want to be inked on their birthday!

1. Choose a good salon: Tattoo designs are made at tattoo parlors. As the first timer, it is important for you to choose a reputable salon that respects the required security measures. The surest way to do this is to look for references from people who have already been there and do that.

2. Reduce Alcohol Consumption: If you are a regular drinker, chances are that the tattoo parlor will not accept your request. The reason for this refusal is simple. Since alcohol thins your blood, greedy drinkers are more likely to bleed profusely for even a minor injury caused during tattoo design. This increases the risk to health and tattoo parlors refuse such people. In addition, you can end up being inked with a strange tattoo under the influence of alcohol.

3. Design: Needless to say, invest your efforts in choosing a design that blends in with your personality, your complexion and your taste. A good suggestion for beginners to register on their date of birth would be to opt for their birth sign or date as a design. It looks simple but superbly chic.

4. Tattoo Location: Once you choose the design, the living room and other intricacies, it's time to focus on locating your tattoo. Before doing so, ask yourself if you want to flaunt the design? In case you want to flaunt the design, choose a place where your tattoo will be easily visible.

5. Get ready for the pain: Tattoo buyers need to understand that the process can be quite difficult depending on where you plan to ink. Although there is nothing you can do to reduce the intensity of the pain, simple things like eating properly before coming to the salon, wearing loose clothing, and so on. can help make it bearable.


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