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So, you are planning to embark on a tattoo. Perhaps your first or just a continuation of your collection, you may be wondering, "Where can I find ideas for a tattoo?"

The answer is, in a lot of places.

Many years ago, the only place where tattoos and tattoo ideas were, you guessed it, the tattoo parlor. You walked into the crowded waiting room, you strolled nervously while looking at the walls and billboards while trying to avoid the look of other customers looking dubious who were lining up.

If you were really brave, you could sit among the crowds and take a look through improvised photo albums. These were most often filled with images of actual versions of the tattoo flash that you had just watched on the walls.

You'll find a design as fast as you can before the tattooist looks in and asks you what you want to ink. More often than not, by the time the ink had washed, you wanted you to choose something else.

Sound familiar? Well maybe not, but these experiences were that I went through as a young at the first tattoo. In retrospect, I did not choose the city's friendliest tattoo artist, but at the time, there was not much to choose from locally.

Today, things are different. Tattoo parlors have sprung up everywhere. The competition for your custom is vast. Tattoo artists will upload their instant designs and their work to websites for your reading.

"But if I'm still in trouble, where can I find tattoo ideas for me?"

The answer, almost everywhere.

Discover the tattoos of other peoples. Just go down to the beach and you will find that nowadays, most young people have some sort of tattoo art that you can see and inspire.

Study religions, there are a multitude of beautiful drawings that are used in the art of tattooing around the world.

Look at buildings, books, television, movies, commercials. Some of the most beautiful design work can be found simply by expanding your horizons.

If you travel, you will find all kinds of ideas in other cultures. If you have been to Mexico before and have seen the Aztec art, you will appreciate the multitude of possibilities that the culture can offer.

If you want a tattoo with personal meaning, take inspiration from it. If you remember a loved one who has died, think about what they liked in life, maybe you could have created a design around their passions? Maybe you could have a portrait created with this interested people / hobbies built around it?


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