Teach your children how to make Christmas cards


Christmas is fast approaching and children are already starting to count the days before the expected day. The children are now aware of the gift season and they would also be happy to give something to their friends and loved ones. Of course, they can not buy the toys they may want to give to their classmates, but you can still teach them how to make beautiful Christmas cards.

All artistic activity is very interesting for children. So, teaching your child to make Christmas cards would be very easy. This would not require you to fight with your child just to sit with you at the table and start making the Christmas cards that would be his gift to his classmates.

First, you can search for legalized Mulberry paper or other weighted paper that matches the quality of the paper used in the cards. Try to teach your child how to cut the paper in half, this way you could have two recipients using a sheet of paper. Let your child fold the paper in half, highlighting the crease in the middle. Explain to your child the process and outcome you are trying to achieve. Show your child that you now have a card but no drawing or writing inside.

Seeing the bare card folded, your child would be very eager to start coloring, drawing and scribbling something so that it looks like a real card. Before letting your child take those pencils and pencils, try to explain to him that what he's making is a Christmas card. He must draw something that symbolizes Christmas. Take this opportunity to teach your child the importance of Christmas and why people give gifts during this season. It also explains why he made Christmas cards for his friends and family.

Now try guiding your child by drawing a simple Christmas tree, or maybe a star. Let him use colors that also coincide with his drawing. Let him also become creative by making his card. Allow him to color it. Then ask your child to write a short message for his addressee. It could be as simple as "Wishing you a good holiday!" Do not try to write the text for it, it would ruin completely the meaning of the whole activity. Whatever the twisted character of his writing, it would remain beautiful in the eyes of the one who would receive it.

By the time your child sees the first Christmas card that he has made, he would like to do more. He would be very happy and proud to distribute the Christmas cards he personally made.


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