Teaching Vs Writing


"So who really is your passion, is it teaching or writing?", M asked the head teacher during my last interview with the jury . I paused for a moment, I smiled weakly, and I paused again. Realistically, I could not give a concrete answer to such a crucial question.

"Both." I resolved to say, hoping it would end my illusion and self-paranoia. "I can do both," I reiterated my answer

And that was the main reason why I did not get the coveted position of university researcher in this prestigious school. A few days later, when I began to analyze the repercussions of my behavior, I realized that I should have defended my teaching abilities more than my writing inclinations. in order to be hired. Incidentally, I applied to teach academic subjects and not write for a magazine after all.

The scenario mentioned above led me to a school of K to 12 where I was destined to show my two passions in life. Fate has given me permission to explore my oral and written skills and pass them on to my students who can appreciate my causes and activities in the academic world. By managing high school students, I managed to merge the inexplicable marvels of mentorship and writing for the school community.

I am often in a hurry to explain why I chose the teaching profession. And just like most teachers, I find it compelling to be direct about the underlying reason of being a teacher. So sometimes I can be indirect about my approach to the orthodox question: WHY HAVE YOU BECOME A TEACHER?

If I ask myself the classic question, I have a temporal attachment to the question. "I teach because it's part of my mission to share knowledge and defend the values ​​of my students." But is that all there is to it?

If I look in more detail, I could mention why I had to give up on other tempting job offers in the past and why I settled for the job position. teacher. In the true scheme of things, I've woven an indissoluble bond with my students, past and present, some sort of link that makes me miss when it's summer vacation and where it's There is no noise lying around in the classrooms. when there are empty chairs and desks during quarterly breaks. I begin to remember their comradeship and their senseless farces. I teach because my students make me understand that a person's true happiness can not be found on material wealth. On the contrary, my students make me aware of the awakening that in this life you would be needlessly soulless if you turned your back on your goal in life.

Over the years, I have discovered and rediscovered the joys and sorrows of the teaching profession. There were times when I stopped teaching, where I found a new lucrative profession, and then I left again to return to the uncertainty of the situation. It has been a recurring cycle of assurance and affirmation that I have been called and chosen to be a second mother, elder sister and best friend for my students. God has led me to the teaching profession for a purpose. Dealing with my students has brought me a lot closer to my Creator because it is with my students that I experience the true meaning of camaraderie, generosity and especially the human.

Until when will I allow myself to teach? Maybe until my last hour of breathing. And why do I write this song anyway? Because it is by teaching that I can document the enormous beauty and mystery of life in general.


Source by Kim R Realubit

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