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Teenager, especially a girl, is the moment you start recognizing makeup and wearing it to make yourself more beautiful. However, at the age of teenagers means that you always have sensitive skin especially for your face, so you have to be careful in choosing the appropriate and appropriate makeup products to use. You must think about the ingredients related to the chemical content; Make sure that they will not give bad impacts to your young skin.

If you are in the neighborhood of the sixth grade, you should look at the level of makeup you wear, do not make it look too heavy. You can use mascara, lip gloss, or maybe a little touch of eye shadow in a natural look and style. Do not apply them too much because it will not be good. Or better, you should match the makeup with your clothes. When choosing clothes yourself, you should also pay attention to the shape of your body and not let it be overestimated. If you are a little older, you can try to have a different hairstyle on certain days of the week, perhaps by rolling it or whatever instead of just having your natural hairstyle. In seventh grade, it is already safe to use the foundation to help you conceal and conceal acne.

At the age of seventh grade, you can also use mascara, but again, you should not use it too much. You can also wear accessories to complete your cool outfit. When choosing the right things to wear, you should try on yourself; Make sure they match you. In the eight classes, it is time for you to impress some guys, so this may be the right time for you to try more mature styles like wearing blazers and having your own hair style. Try it now and be cool teen by impressing your friends at school.


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