Teenage Acne – An Escapable Enemy


Puberty is the period of your life when you learn new things and want to try all the nicknames you can get. It is also the moment when you feel that you are old enough to enter the adult world. This is not bad; everyone at your age feels the same. However, there is this little problem that 80% of teenagers can not escape, we call it teenage acne. Please do not worry if you have teenage acne, as I have mentioned most teenagers live this in one way or one way. other.

The only way to combat its ill effects is to learn how to take care of one's skin. This will avoid aggravating your condition.

How to avoid teenage acne?

As you enter puberty and hormonal changes occur during this time, you can not prevent your skin from getting fatter. To prevent teenage acne, you will need to wash your face twice a day to clean your face of dirt. Dirt and oil mix cause clogging of the pores. If this happens, you develop black or white heads.

However, even washing hands and face will not prevent acne in teenagers. Why?

Acne is created when the testosterone hormone is converted to DHT. This hormonal by-product stimulates the androgen receptors, which causes stimulation of the sebaceous glands. These glands next because to secrete excess oils in the pores of the skin. This increase in oils is added to dirt, debris and bacteria as the pores fill up and become clogged, reducing oxygen and circulating air.

The result is a complete acne. The best way to avoid this is to prevent the DHT from stimulating the androgen receptors and to increase the secretion of oil, which can only be done with anti-cancer treatment. -DHT against teenage acne such as Clearogen.

Avoid over-scrubbing, please note that you can not eliminate acne. The scrub irritates the acne and aggravates it.

What to do when you have acne?

o Wash your face with a gentle wash of the face. Do not sting and do not touch acne. Irritating this will make your condition worse.

o Use benzoyl peroxide to dry acne. Benzoyl peroxide also kills the bacteria causing acne. It also helps eliminate the blockage.

o If, after a few weeks, your acne has not disappeared, consult your doctor.

Consulting your doctor will help you understand what causes your acne. It will also give you advice on the proper way to eliminate your acne if the above does not help to eliminate it.

Myths about teenage acne

In adolescence, you hear so many myths about acne. Knowing the truth behind them will give you a better understanding of your condition and can give you reason to believe that it will disappear sooner or later.

o Oily foods cause acne in adolescents. No, they do not. Even if you eat fatty foods, you will avoid acne if you take care of your skin.

o The late-night party causes acne. If you use cosmetics and sleep with them, you will cause clogging of the pores, but this is not the cause of acne.

o Stress causes acne. Stress weakens your immune system. But you will not develop acne because of it.


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